27 Nov 2009

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Great food, good wine, great company. And having ten people jammed into my mom's place made things lively. No leftovers, we ate the bird to the bone and destroyed every side dish, including the Potatoes of Searing Death.

Today, we're doing The Winchester Mystery House.
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Just back from touring the Winchester Mystery House with [livejournal.com profile] isomeme and his crew. First time I've been back since I worked there for about six months in 1990. The house was still weird and wonderful, and while the tour has changed a great deal, I recognized enough of the patter to be comfortable. Did not agree with how our guide handled the Seance Room, though. You can have a lot of fun in that room, and he droned through it. We skipped the garden tour due to poor weather and [livejournal.com profile] madelineusher not feeling overly well. To be honest, an hour climbing around that building did a job on my back, and I was happy to come home.

Prior to the House, we met for lunch at Chili's. Amazingly, after the feast last night, I was still able to demolish a steak. And skillet queso. And a tall Budweiser.

Tomorrow, weather willing, we're all going to Oak Meadow/Vasona Lake Park (two parks, one belonging to the Town of Los Gatos and one to Santa Clara County, that pretty much exist as one place.) We're all going to ride the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad. Because that's what you do at the park!

Now, a meme. )


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