23 Sep 2009

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Because of an odd collection of factors that have no bearing on the tale to be told, I had two orders for Milpitas that could not be delivered in the morning, but had to be done on my way back in. This, after visiting my new least-favorite spot in the universe. The road down from Hwy 4 is dirt, and since it has been used by three million pieces of heavy tracked equipment, it is like driving over logs.

But yeah, end of the day, last stop, make the delivery, and go to leave by the only access point this place has, and see that a cement truck is blocking the entrance with his hazards on. OK, you need to look at the map. That building with the drive-around by the lowermost "S. Main" is a Jack-in-the-Box. The big long buuilding with the smaller building with a blue roof is a self-storage place. The big empty lot is now an apartment complex undergoing final construction. My exit is right between those two "S. Main" markers. At this point, the whole block is pretty well built up.

Anyway, I'm waiting for the mixer to move, when I see a lot of people running towards the gate and see a fire engine pull up. My first thought was "industrial accident" since they were doing some trenching and pipe laying up there. Then I heard that a car had pulled up with the passenger suffering from a gunshot wound. Within seconds, it seems like every single siren-equipped vehicle in the Milpitas inventory was out front. The cops, firefighters and EMTs worked like mad to save the guy, but I was in a position to see the entry wound. Center-mass, just right of the sternum, probably nicked an artery.

Eventually, they allowed things to move, and I got out. From the looks of the police activity, the shooting might have happened in Jack's parking lot, and the driver (who looked like a Filipino tech worker, and was extremely distraught) stopped when he saw the workers to get help. Been looking for some mention of this on the news, but so far nothing.

Very, very odd way to end my day. I did get one picture after they had stopped working and draped the corpse.

I really want to know what happened here.

Edit: Turns out to have been a stabbing. I don't know why everyone was saying there was two people in the car. http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_13403724


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