26 Jan 2009

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.. what putting dentures in your mouth everyday for nearly seven months does to your ability to handle getting impressions done.

With luck, my bottom plate will fit tomorrow. In the mean time, I get to drive with no teeth. I'm really hoping there is nothing on my route and I get to come home early. Not just for the social aspects of not having any teeth, but because when I go without my dentures for more than a few hours while doing anything more strenuous than typing or doing some laundry, my jaw begins to ache. The problem is that without teeth my lower jaw can move higher than normal, which stresses the muscles at the back. This causes a whole lot of pain.
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Part of the goal of the 500 Words concept is to help me polish my writing so I can get on with my goal of getting my fiction published. So while I love it when people tell me that they like what I write, I'm really looking for more. Specifically.

  • If you liked it, what appealed to you?

  • If you didn't, what turned you off?

  • Dissect my writing style - call me on my bad habits, please!

  • Likewise with spelling and grammar errors. Feel free to act like an English teacher.

  • Seriously, tell me what works and where I'm lacking. I'm trying to exploit the collective minds that read my journal so my writing improves.



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