3 Jan 2009

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to find the fire department in your apartment?

Some time in the last three ours, our toilet sprang a leak, flooding our place and the apartment below us. We slept through the SJFD's knocking at our door, so they kicked it in. Now we need to pull everything off the affected area and get it cleaned before management comes into fix everything.

Meanwhile, I now need to stand guard on our now broken door. Kirsten needs to drive somewhere to use a restroom, and my mood is not overly pleasant.


3 Jan 2009 05:38
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I just got a reply to a [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck post I made four years ago.
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  1. Plumber replaced the hose and fittings that has rusted through. We can delay digging a latrine for another week.

  2. Handymen from management company showed up and repaired the door jam, so we can theoretically leave.

  3. They also brought a shop vac and sucked most of the water out of the carpet.

  4. Currently, we have a space heater and a fan blowing warm air over the affected area to help the carpet dry.

  5. Store run later. New mop, Febreeze or something similar, and the usual kmass of liquids.

  6. When I went to dump the wet clothes and like in the washer, they previous user had left it set to spin cycle again.

Things may change. There's a condo available in my mom's building (it's actually the one at the base of her stairs.) It's everything we want: ground floor, off-street parking, washer-drier, diswasher, and quiet. The problem is we'd have to be able to buy it. Yeah.

The good news is prices are tumbling, and this property is a bank foreclosure that has been empty for close to three years. We're going to wait until we get our W-2s come in, then call the Real Estate folks and talk to them. There worst thing that can happen is they say no, or can't make a deal that meets our abilities.


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