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Yeah, I took a few weeks off. I'm disabled, I get to do that.
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When I was about 6 years old, my family went on a Mexican cruise on the old S.S. Spirit of London. Being unbearably cute, I owned that ship. Being heavily into my Cowboy phase (which was immediately after my Joe Namath phase), I would slide up to any of the bars on the ship and in my best (adorable little) drawl order "7-Up. And put it in a dirty glass."

It seems I'm back to that order now.

A few weeks ago we went to the birthday celebration for my sister's girls. I fully expected to come home with something, and wasn't surprised. I've had a a bad immune system for twenty years. But things kept getting worse. I couldn't eat. I felt like there was an obstruction in my gut. Ensign Wheatbiscuit* was having the time of his life with the waste disposal controls. I couldn't sleep. Finally, Last Tuesday, [personal profile] kshandra and I drove to see my doctor. I asked for a hospital admission. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I loath hospitals. So you know how bad off I was.

In the ER they set me up for labs and gave me morphine. I actually slept for the first time in days. The decision was that I needed to by admitted for no other reason than my Potassium was dangerously low. This has happened before, and can easily kill you.

I won't bore you with hospital stories. It sucked, and Kiri came close to strapping me to the bed at one point when I hadn't had anything by mouth for close to 48 hours. But we did get a diagnosis:

Acute Alcoholic Pancreatitis

I'm not an alcoholic; Hell I've got an open bottle of Jack Daniels that I haven't touched in years. I just like beer and wine, and have been drinking fairly consistently since I got to my first duty station in the Army. For the record, that was January, 1985. I stopped getting shitfaced after I woke up with a tattoo. But years and years of a few beers a day, wine with dinner... they've added up.

So, as of last week, I'm on the wagon. I've been doing some reading and even one can of beer can now leave me in agony. Not worth it. I'm not happy that this wasn't my choice, but I'll deal.

There was one funny thing. I still had about 8 beers in the fridge. I heard one of our twenty-something neighbors leaving and popped out. The conversation went like this:

"Hey, you guys drink Budweiser?"

"Well, man.. we don't really.."

"Stop. Let me put it this way. I just got out of the hospital and can never drink alcohol again. I've got close to ten ice-cold Buds. I can either give them to you, or pour them down the sink. Now, do you guys drink Budweiser?"

"Oh, sure.. love it!"

Sometimes you have to frame the question correctly.

But where from here? We've informed our camp at Burning Man that I will not be partaking, and that if anyone slips up and offers me a beer not to feel bad about it. Thanksgiving will be alcohol free, as will all other such events. We're working on a lower-fat diet for me, and one that focus more on snaking when needed, as I'm still not really good with full meals. Lots of poultry and ground lamb, lots of soups, and even less beef than I eat now. Sadly, I've never cared for seafood.

Overall, I'm good. This is a big adjustment, I mean I've had a beer can in my hand for a long time, but I'll make it.

But I swear, if there's an after life I expect to be greeted with an ice-cold pint of pale lager and a double pepperoni, sausage and garlic pizza. With Parmesan Twists, slightly underdone.

* For the uninitiated, I've described my body and its troubles by describing myself as this vast steampunk device, complete with brass and teak control room and a very, very British crew. Ensign Wheatbiscuit has been running amok for years, obsessed with the Solid Waste Controls, but causing trouble wherever he goes. I found it a kinder way to explain my latest illness with going into too much actual detail.
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And it's still Saturday! )

After the show, we traveled to Oakland where a friend of Kiri's had offered us a place to sleep for the night, so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home and have her have to come back to SF the next day. This nice lady had very friendly dogs. I was pleased.

Welcome to the ORG. Be one with the ORG )

So far, a great weekend, and now I'm resting.
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A night of revelry!

This got long )
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  • Been a while since I've done one of these.

  • Recovery is proceeding apace.

  • Aphasia is still a major bitch.

  • I've now added peripheral neuropathy to my woes.

  • Mostly in my left leg.

  • Been given lidocane cream for that.

  • Spent this morning at the DMV renewing my license.

  • Yeah, that sucked.

  • But it's done.

  • In other news, I'm really enjoying my writing class.

  • See previous entry for my first attempt at a short story.

  • I'm cutting way back on beer for financial reasons.

  • It's a luxury, frankly.

  • Had to let my Anticoagulation Nurse know, since changes like affect how I absorb the Warfarin.

  • But this will work well with my other big change.

  • If I get a story idea, no matter when, start writing.

  • The story I just posted came to me as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep.

  • Still twitchy about Burning Man.

  • The Giants are currently sucking badly.

  • Pull out of it, guys!

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Done today:

  • Took out a ton of garbage.

  • Bagged laundry for an Oasis run/donation (last night and tonight).

  • Cleaned our front porch area.

  • Wrote an outline.

  • Did three loads of laundry (last one in dryer currently).

To be done tomorrow

  • Take laundry in to Oasis and to the charity drop off.

  • Go by Orchard to get shelving units for Kiri

  • Go to library so Lenore can get a library card.

  • Clean and re-stack our storage boxes.

  • Drink beer.

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... Carmen Sandiego Doug Berry?

  • Now that I've got that song stuck in your head, I can tell you that I've been fighting the worst cold/allergy attack/bronchial yuck I've had in a long time.

  • So bad that I've been using the codeine-laced cough syrup I got a while back.

  • Which is now gone. I haz a sad over this.

  • But things finally appear to be improving, slightly.

  • Other than that, been working.

  • I did get a comped membership to Baycon.

  • Unfortunately, with my work schedule and general ill-health, I was only able to make a few hours on Friday and Saturday.

  • Still good to get out and see people.

  • Niece Prime is making me feel like a slacker.

  • She puts her resume up on Craiglsit, and is getting hits immediately.

  • Already interviewed for one gig, and is out right now confirming a writing gig for a furniture shop.

  • Paid by piece, but still, getting paid to write!

  • Which only reminds me that I'm really not doing what I need to do to write.

  • So from now on, one hour - minimum! - of writing daily.

  • Even if it is complete and utter crap, get it down on paper/screen.

  • In addition I'm going to start carrying my note pad in my backpack.

  • Should I eventually sell something, I'm buying a corduroy jacket with leather patches on the arms.

  • To wear to my first Worldcon as a Hugo Nominee.

  • Also will need a bubble pipe.

  • Note to self: Make sure jacket will go well with either the Campbell Best New Writer tiara or the SIX TIME HUGO LOSER t-shirt.

  • Giants are doing.. okay. Over .500. but a lot of questions still to be answered.

  • I am out of beer. How did this happen?

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Me: "I just spelled proletariat right!"

Kiri: "And how much have you had to drink?"

Me: "Enough to spell proletariat right."
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It's really amazing the number of big changes we and our friends are going through. We have friends moving from places they've lived for years, kids we knew as babies becoming adults, Niece Prime coming to live with us, Kiri addressing her health needs and food issues.. it's a whirlwind.

For the most part cancer survivors depend on stability. We've had enough shocks and roller coaster rides. We want a nice happy rut. But I'm oddly pleased at all this change. It means that life is in fact going on. That I can weather such changes makes me hopeful for the future.

This revelation brought to you by Budweiser™, the King of Beers.

Budweiser is a trademark of Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc, St Louis, MO. Please drink responsibly.
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Me: "I have a plan."

Kirsten: "Getting drunk?"

Me: "That train has sailed!"
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Great legend, gave me several adventure ideas.

The beer looks pretty good as well.
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Years ago, when serving in the Army was still a dream for me, the Army had a recruiting slogan: "The U.S. Army. We do more before 9AM than most people do all day." Once I was actually a soldier, I realized that the copy should have read "We waste more time before 9AM than most people waste all day", but the basic idea of getting and doing things was pretty sound.

Which brings me to today. I recovered from the Mongolian Death Yuk yesterday (a brief phone call with my doctor confirms that there is a nasty stomach virus making the rounds) and started cleaning. Today? I left the house about 0900.

  • Picked up the recycling from Earthbaby.

  • Got cash for Darby's DMV renewal.

  • Took all the recycling to our recycling place.

  • Renewed Darby at the AAA's DMV desk (that thing alone is worth the price of membership)

  • Dropped off old clothes in a recycling bin.

  • Went to the library and picked up A Traveller's History of Venice and Daily Life in the World of Charlemagne.

  • Got a haircut at the awesome barbershop. Seriously, for $14 they not only mow my head, but trim my beard, my eyebrows, and do touch-ups with a straight razor. I feel now shame in dropping a $20 and saying "keep the change." These people are awesome.

  • Quick raid on Smart and Final for beer, salsa, and chips.

All done in 3 hours.

Oh, by the way.. anyone local want a six-drawer dresser? If you help me load it into Darby, it's yours. We also have a huge TV set that is free to anyone that wants it.
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Very happy fridge
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  • Beer? CHECK

  • Giants Baseball on the radio? CHECK

  • 49ers Football on the TV? CHECK

  • Already drunk? FUCKIN-A CHECK!!!

    Beat the Bolts! Beat the Snakes! I need a robot to bring me beeeeerr!!!!!
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Dishes... DONE
Kitchen Countertops... DONE
Three loads of laundry... DONE
Getting rid of old wire hangers... DONE

Now I want to watch Monster House. Which doesn't seem to be available on DVD. Bummer.

I'm also out of beer.
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Inside Scoop SF » Drinking at the ballpark: a critical view

One of the best things about AT&T Park is the wonderful food choices available to the fans. From traditional ball-park fare like hot dogs, peanuts, and soft drinks to some really good high end food. I'm a "hot dog, garlic fries, and beer" man myself; but Kirsten has tried many of the other offerings and raved about them.

That being said, I'll freely admit that we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to the drinks available for Giants fans seeking relief from their daily dose of Torture. There's a restaurant (used to be the Acme Steakhouse, but ISTR they've changed the name) with a full bar attacked to the park, and I know they have at least a dozen beers on tap.

Someday when we're rich and have Club Level seats I'll go on a season-long quest to try every potent potable offered by the concessionaires. It will be a noble quest! All y'all can come along for the foodie portion of the quest.
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It just hit me.

My lungs are filled with fluid. My throat has active colonies of yeast. The conclusion is obvious!

Ensign Wheatbiscuit is running a brewery! Obviously trying to finance a scheme to get more access to the Control Room and shiny, candy-like Solid Waste Shunt lever.

On one hand, the fiend must be stopped. On the other, self-generating beer would be cool and quite a time and money saver!
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My home care nurse was late today (regular guy was off) and my Cumodin level is so low I'm back on the Lovenex shots for the next two days.

But my Kiri is awesome, and brought home the Gordon Biersch Spring Selection. Yay good beer!

Mixed results, I'd say.

Next blood test is Thursday.
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Garlic Fries and Gordon Biersch Beer

Never trust a skinny brewer.
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  • Looks like the warm break from winter is over. Raining pretty good out there.

  • Luckily, I can see no reason to leave the apartment today.

  • I was awake at 0300. These aching legs are becoming an issue.

  • Beer helps.

  • I think today we try to get a least a few of the pieces of art onto the walls.

  • Not going crazy with the decorating, just want to look at something other than white walls.

  • Which reminds me, art and crazy, I mean.

  • Right before the whole "lungs don't work" epic began, I got my first moving violation ever.

  • Illegal turn on a red light, totally my fault.

  • We were finally able to pay the fine, two days before the deadline. Yay.

  • But now I want to frame the original ticket, and hang it over my desk.

  • Right next to my certificate from the Army making me a Field Hygiene and Sanitation NCO.

  • My proudest moment. I actually got a medal for it, since I was the only soldier in the entire XVIIIth Airborne Corps to get a perfect score on the test.

  • I was a Private (E-2) at the time. This was a slot for Sergeants and above.

  • Army Achievement Medal. The look on my CO's face when he pinned that thing on me was priceless.

  • So, is framing my first ticket weird?

  • Not that weird is bad. Weird, for me, is desirable.

  • EAT ALL THE THINGS continues. Tonight we're having spaghetti and trying Classico's Vodka Sauce.

  • Haven't had that before. Looks interesting and the reviews are positive. Also have some really yummy looking garlic bread. Plus wine.

  • 15 days until pitchers and catchers report. Still questions at shortstop, but we're returning most of a team that won it all last year.

  • Best news is Pablo "Kung-Fu Panda" Sandoval has lost a lot of weight and really become committed to conditioning. A healthy Panda with plate discipline (home and dinner) is what the Giants need.



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