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Well, it was made official today. The Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders are packing their bags and moving to Las Vegas. Eventually. Currently is for the Raiders to play the next two seasons at the O.Co (dumbest naming rights deal ever) Mausoleum before moving to their new digs in Sin City.

Isn't that going to be awkward? Anyone who has ever watched a Raiders' home game realizes that the Oakland fans are . . . special. Fanatical. OK, they're bloody lunatics. Elaborate costumes ranging from barbarians to Darth Raider that would turn heads at ComicCon, all in the iconic black and silver, and concentrated in the Black Hole, the seats at the south end of the field. You don't get that anywhere else.

It seems that the Raiders are the league's last old school football team. They've never been pretty. Raider uniforms attract mud, grass, and blood in great quantities. Their heroes have nicknames like "Snake" and "Assassin." Going to a Raiders game is to take your life in your hands. Even outside the Black Hole the fans tend to be raging, drunk, and more interested in fights than watching the game.

Sadly, this seems to be increasingly common at NFL games. Time to end tailgating and deny access to drunk fans.

But as crazy as that fan base is, they are devoted to the Raiders and to Raider Nation. They endured a 12 year shunning when the team moved to Los Angeles and welcomed them back with open arms. The venerated an owner who treated his fans as commodities, not part of the larger zeitgeist that made the Raiders so great, even in the long run of losing seasons that followed their humiliating loss in 2002's Super Bowl XVIII.

So a lot of people are asking why move the team? Why abandon this cultural phenomenon that has been roaring along since 1960? I've seen many, many fans declare that they are done. I'm seriously wondering how many people will both to go to games in the next two seasons as the new stadium is constructed in the desert?

The answer to my question is money. Unlike most NFL owners, the Davis family does not have extensive sources of income outside the team. Al Davis, who has a memorial eternal flame at the Coliseum, spent his life focused on the Raiders. He never built a large outside fortune. His son, Mark Davis, who inherited the team on his father's passing, wants to cash in. Las Vegas offered a big package.

Goodbye Raiders.

But like I said, they team has at least two seasons before they have anyplace in their new home to play. The stadium at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is completely inadequate when it comes to the demands of hosting a professional football game. It has been suggested that if the City of Oakland and Alameda County refuse to provide vital services for home games, the Raiders might play in Los Angeles, San Diego (which just lost the Chargers to Los Angeles) or at Levi's Stadium here in Santa Clara.

Ha. We'd demand a huge rent for that. Levi's is a shrine to the Forty-Niners. The Raiders would be playing in a red and gold temple to names like Montana and Rice. It would be awkward as hell for everyone involved. I've even seen Stanford of UC Berkeley mentioned as possible temporary shelters for the homeless wandering players.

Here's the nightmare scenario for everyone. Last season, the Raiders made the playoffs for the first time in fifteen years. What happens if they win big next year and go to the Super Bowl? How does that work in the face of a probable fan boycott? If the team plays the year in San Diego, and wins the Super Bowl, where do you hold the frigging parade? Do you dare hold it downtown Oakland, a city known for violent protests? San Diego, which won't really give a damn? The NFL must be cringing at the possibility.

But that's sports. My beloved Giants spent nearly a century in New York before moving west, and there aren't many lakes in Los Angeles to name the Lakers after. It is, at its heart, a business. And as majority owner, Mark Davis has every right to make the moves he feels best for the team. The only major sport franchise where this couldn't happen is with the Green Bay Packers, who are owned by the people of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I'd love to see that model expanded.

As a closing note, the vote of NFL team owners to allow the move was 31-1. The owner of the Miami Dolphins was the sole vote against. I guess he didn't want to give up the title of Tackiest NFL City.

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Another Superbowl has come and gone. Leaving us with the etenral question, is Super Bowl one word or two? I've seen it both ways, honestly, and even the official NFL material seems to be of two minds.

The game itself was amazing, featuring an astonishing comeback by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I was rooting for Atlanta, as I always want to see a city lacking in championships earn one. That first parade is always magical. But the football gods were fickle, and Boston gets the joy.

The end of football season means that baseball, and my beloved San Francisco Giants, are just around the corner. We're already seeing photos from this year's commercial shoots, and Spring Training opens next week! Rapture! Joy! Beat L.A.!

Seriously, Beat L.A. With a stick. I hate the Dodgers.

But along with the overblown end of the NFL season came something I've come to dread on social media. People adopting elitist, dismissive attitudes about sports. Sadly, some people I consider friends to this. It annoys me no end, and I have to keep from exploding every time I see it. So I'll just explain why here in this space.

Calling all sports "sportsball" and pretending to be confused by the basic concepts of the game are insulting. Refusing to admit that sports are popular to a wide audience of all backgrounds is delusional. Whining about people spending money on watching sports is rude and controlling. If I choose to spend money on a Brandon Crawford jersey and pay to go to a game that's my business.

I have friends, some of whom have done the sportsball thing, who spend thousands of dollars every year to attend science-fiction conventions. I love conventions, but you don't think that someone somewhere isn't rolling their eyes at this? Two men I am proud to call friends have devoted thousands of hours and an equal amount of money to creating fantastic costumes and props, all for their own enjoyment. Surely there could have been a better use for that money, some would argue.

But it's what brings these people joy. So fuck off and let them enjoy it.

So why do I enjoy sports so much? I love watching skilled people do things that I could never do. A Major League pitcher can top 99mph on a fastball. The batter has less than a second to identify the speed and motion of the ball, make a swing/no swing decision, and commit to the act. Literally the slowest part of this action is the signal from the brain to the muscles to move. Yet a good batter will make contact over half the time.

A NFL quarterback has to be away of the position of 21 people at the time he gets the ball. He has to be able to track his receivers and throw the ball into a crowd and get it to the right guy. See how well you do at this when being pursued by guys who are big, fast, and strong. A few years ago my mom and I get great seats for a 49ers preseason game. We were right down by the sidelines near the end zone. We saw exactly how fast these players are, and how hard they hit.

There you go, I love sports because I love seeing amazing things unfold live.

But there's another reason why I love sports, and football in particular. 49ers football is probably my one good memory of my late father. Dad and I never got along. I often say that he wanted children and got Californians. Dad grew up in England during the Depression and WWII in a military family. He simple wasn't prepared for kids with political opinions and a sense of personal freedom. We locked horns on everything.

But on Sundays, we were a family united. I was raised a 49er Faithful. I joke that my first words were "wait 'till next year!" We lived and died by the Niners. Even when all my friends were rooting for the Steelers or Cowboys, the two dominant teams of the 1970s, I held fast to my roots.

My parents had season tickets at Candlestick Park, 45 yard line, right under the press box. Sometimes, I'd get to go to the game with Daddy. I can still remember riding up the long escalator while holding his hand, cheering as John Brodie let the Red and Gold down the field, getting to eat hot dogs and candy, and mainly just being with my dad as we followed the family religion.

Even later, at the worst of our estrangement, I would call him every Sunday during the season to talk about the game. It was the one common thread that held us together. And when he died, I think my first reaction was that I was going to miss those conversations.

In conclusion, if you don't like sports, good for you. But don't think that makes you better than anyone else, and don't be a condescending twat about it.

Oh, and Go Giants! BEAT L.A.
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San Francisco 49ers: 28
Los Angeles Rams: 0

That wasn't supposed to happen. The conventional wisdom was that the Niners were going to be hopeless this season. We had no offense, no defense, and Chip Kelly's promised shake-up was going to take a long time to implement. A fairly weak preseason seemed to support those arguments.

Until last night. On offense, the Blaine Gabbert era has begun. He was 22 of 35 for 170 yards, with one touchdown pass to Vance McDonald. But that wasn't the whole story, Gabbert had nine carries for 43 yards. These weren't panicked scrambles, but good runs after checking off all the potential passes. Carlos Hyde had 88 yards and 1 TD on 23 carries. The offensive line looked good. We're not great, but playing well as a team and building confidence.

On defense, we shocked the NFL. The Niners were terrible on D last year. Last night? We allowed a total of 185 yards. The Rams had to punt 10 times. We kept pressure on the Rams with an efficient pass rush that used different packages and stunts to keep the Rams' O-line guessing. The secondary looked good, shutting down the longer routes.

Now let's be honest: The Rams aren't a very good team. Last night they looked utterly undisciplined. Stupid penalties, missed assignments, obvious on-field tensions that culminated in Rams defensive tackles Aaron Donald being ejected after making contact with an official. He slammed his helmet into the field, which will earn him a suspension from the league.

But overall, there's hope. Niners head coach Chip Kelly had it right when he made it clear in his post-game press conference that he had identified areas for improvement. Keep working, keep fighting, and play them one week at a time.

Next up: at Carolina Panthers, SEP 18
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Here at Offhand Manor we have laid out the concertina wire, activated the minefield, and all the M-60 positions are clean and have range cards filled out. The doors are barred and Kirsten and I have laid in provisions for a siege. We have a blue tarp.

For Super Bowl weekend has arrived. )

But we're still hiding for the weekend. Send snacks.
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So, the NFL has determined that the New England Patriots did intentionally deflate footballs used by their offense in last year's AFC Championship game. And that QB Tom Brady more than likely know and approved. Now everyone is debating punishments.

I'd like to suggest one that I've taken from the NCAA. Next year, the Patriots are banned from the postseason. They can go 16-0, set every scoring record imaginable, be ranked at the top of the NFL in every category, but when the clock ticks down to zero in Week 17, they go home. No playoffs.

This would really hurt. The Pats are a very good team, with several Hall of Fame caliber players. Brady pretty much is a lock. To deny them a chance to defend their title would be devastating to the entire franchise. It would also cost them a lot of money. Not only from playoff revenue, but a lot of fans might decide that since there is literally zero chance of winning big, why both spending money to see the team?

This would also cause problems in player management. NFL players have a limited time to shine. The average career is 3-4 years. You might see some fan favorites telling their agents to get them out of there.

Finally, there would be the season long shame of being the one team locked out of the post season from the start. Everyone in the league is hyper-competitive. To know from the first kickoff of the preseaon that you are playing for nothing would hurt.

That's what I would like to see happen. Not because I hate the Patriots or Tom Brady (I don't) but because the Pats under Bill Belichick have played fast and loose with the rules for years. They need to be made an example of.

Sadly, what will actually happen will be a slap on the wrist. At least, Brady and Belichick need to be suspended for a calender year.
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Been playing a lot of Madden NFL 11* recently. Started a new version of me in Superstar. This would be the younger, taller, heavier, talented version of me who played QB for San Jose State and got picked in the 3rd round of the draft by the Green Bay Packers.

It's pretty fun. You take part in pre-season workouts and practices to earn points to increase you stats, run through game plan plays to earn points that increase their chance of working on game day, and try to become a starter in the NFL.

Along with your playing stats, there are two important stats to watch: influence and ego. The first is how you are regarded by teammates and coaches. You increase influence by performing well in a game. Break two tackles and throw a 30 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter to win the game? Big increase. Throw an interception that gets taken back for a touchdown? Big loss. Influence become important when you start acquiring roles.

Roles are gained by having certain playing stats reach certain levels. For example, a running back with high Strength and Break Tackle numbers will earn the role of Bruiser. In game, as you gain influence, you get points to spend on your roles. A Bruiser can increase the Run Block attribute of his offensive line, and at high levels, reduce the Tackle stat of opposing linebackers. You can switch roles (if you have more than one) when prompted by the game.

Ego is a measure of of how the world sees you. Positive ego means you are seen as a team player, negative ego means you are more a selfish spot-light grabber. This mainly impacts influence. Players with negative ego gain influence faster, but lose it far more quickly when something bad happens.

A lot of fun, but I want more. I'm making all this money, what am I doing with it? NFL players get lots of chances to do charity events. Why can't Doug Berry be out there doing PSAs and Rotary Club dinners? More importantly, why can't I be photographed leaving a strip club at 0200?

What I'd like to see is some "lifestyle" controllers. A sliding scale on how you handle your social life, for example. On the far left, you're a monk. Far right, and you are on the VIP list of every club in every NFL city. On the left hand of the scale, you'd take an influence and ego hit ("this guy's too good to party with us, we're too good to block for him!") while boosting your key stats. On the other hand, being the party animal would boost influence and ego, but hit your stats on game day. I'd also like to see more opportunities like civil events come up. Plus, adding an accountant to the mix would be nice so you could see just how much money you make each year.

*Yes, I'm several versions behind. If someone wants to buy me a PS/4 and the latest version, I'd happily accept.
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We had such plans for the weekend.

Saturday, we went to see the Sparks (ny younger nieces' softball team) play. We have been informed that we are official good luck charms, since they always win when [profile] kshandra and I show up. Trying to make more games!

After that, the plan was to go up to the San Francisco Opera's costume sale. We got there, and found a line that stretched two blocks. We decided against it. In retrospect, seeing what others bought for almost nothing, that was a mistake. Hindsight is so annoying.

Being in Baghdad by the Bay, we decided to play tourist and take the long way around to the zoo. Except.. where the hell did all this traffic come from? SOMA was nearly gridlocked! It took both our skills as former City residents and SuperShuttle drivers to figure out a way out of that mess. Made it Geary, all the way out to Great Highway, and down to Sloat and the zoo.

Can I just say that San Francisco remains the city of my heart? I'm home when I'm there. I want to win the lottery just so we can get a condo near AT&T Park. Everything else is gravy.

Anyway, we get to the zoo.. and there is not parking anywhere. Defeated a second time, we make the short drive to The Boulevard Cafe for lunch. At least we got good food out of the day.

But Sunday.. Sunday was much better. We had tickets to the first home game for the San Jose SaberCats against the Philadelphia Soul. The result?

San Jose SaberCats: 70
Philadelphia Soul: 33

We had amazing seats:

Amazing seats

And the SAP Center/Shark Tank/Cats' Lair has upgraded the entire sound and visual experience.

The new display

We also got tons of swag. Free t-shirts, programs, coupon books, stuff from the new casino in downtown.. pretty impressive. They gave us a 2X shirt for Kiri, we'll probably give that to [profile] madelineusher.

After the game we hit Chili's for a late dinner; and one of the Sabercats players was at another table. Pretty cool.

Today, I am all kinds of sore. But my calender is empty until next Sunday, so I can rest a little.
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Welcome to the latest edition of It's The Arts (journal edition.)

Been a busy weekend for watching things. Friday night, [personal profile] kshandra and I attended Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna. This was her company's annual "we survived the holidays" event. I really enjoyed it, although I can now say with certainty that dance does not work for me as a narrative medium. Amaluna is loosely based on The Tempest, one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Even with that head start I can no clue what was going on. So I just enjoyed the amazing acrobatic performances.

Saturday I watched Metallica's concert film Through The Never. We had really wanted to see this in the theater, but the realities of my post-stroke rehabilitation meant that never happened. Really regret that now. The concert footage is amazing. The story of the roadie Trip being sent out to recovery a bag from a truck is wonderfully surreal. I really need to costume The Rider for cons.Just need to find out what model gas mask that is.

As for the meaning of the side-story, I have my own theory. Spoilers )

After that, we watched the epically bad 2012. Oh, dear Ghods. Never mind the terrible script and acting, the film has it's best disaster sequence in the first half hour. The destruction of Los Angeles was pretty epic. But it came early. After that it was just more narrow escapes and increasingly improbable escapes. With added scientific howlers, like how they handled the detonation of the Yellowstone Caldera. ProTip: you will no survive is you are in line of sight of the explosion. You will not outrace it in a Winnebago. And your Cessna will not survive when the shock wave hits. The entire last act with the stuck loading ramp was pointless.

But for me, the biggest howler was political. The big drive of the plot was the existence of a project to build arks in the Chinese Himalayas. The idea was to preserve as much life and culture as possible to reestablish things after the Earth settles down. Problem is, the President decides not to go, the Vice-President has been killed, and no one can find the Speaker of the House. So the Chief of Staff declares himself acting President.

This is where my suspension of disbelief snapped. First of all, the Secret Service would drag the President kicking and screaming onto that plane. Secondly, the chain of succession exists for a reason. It's not like you couldn't find a reason to send the Secretary of State to China, where s/he could be pre-positioned on the ark.I'd have one of the people in the chain up on one of the USAF's command planes for a reason, and make sure that everyone in the chain was someplace where they could be found at a minutes notice. If that means camping at Andrews AFB, so be it!

Really, really bad movie.

Finally, the Super Bowl. That was ugly. Turned it off early.
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San Francisco Giants: 3
Arizona Diamondbacks: 2 (11)

and 6.2 miles to the south...

San Francisco 49ers: 34
Green Bay Packers: 28

Icing on the cake? The Raiders lost.

I need a user icon that has the 49ers' logo morphing into the Giants' logo with "San Francisco - All We Do Is Win!"

Make this happen, talented people!
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Really strange ending to the 49ers-Seahawks game. The Niners were leading 13-6 and had Seattle backed up their own 3 yard line facing 4th and forever. On the play, Seattle committed an offensive foul in their own endzone. The actual play was a pass that was caught right at the first-down marker, but the officials called the penalty and awarded SF a Safety. Score now 15-6, Seahawks have to d a free kick from their own 20, 43 seconds left on the clock.

Except Niners coach Jim Harbaugh asks for the reception to be measured. The Seahawks were about two inches short, the 49ers decline the penalty, take over on downs, and kneel down twice to win.

I can almost see the logic, but I'd be happier taking the points and making it a two-score game with less than a minute left.

Giants lost. We're down 3-1 in the NLCS. We need another three-game surge.

Congrats to the Detroit Tigers! If my Giants don't get in, I'm cheering for y'all.
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  • Back when I worked for Lord&Sons I had several pairs of good work gloves. Today? Can't find any of them.

  • A trip to OSH is in order.

  • Or back to L&S. Be nice to see people again.

  • On the other hand, a culling of my socks is in order.

  • Have to get rid of the odd ones, worn ones, and the few that just don't fit right.

  • Still wondering what happened to one of my awesome fuzzy socks.

  • Our TV decided to die.

  • No Earth-shattering kaboom, just refused to turn on.

  • Luckily, [personal profile] kshandra was on the job and found us a new set on Craigslist.

  • Got for way cheaper than what it was going for online, and we have a proper, if small, widescreen at last.

  • Of course, this means I need to save up for another Ikea run now.

  • Needed a new set for several reasons. Mostly that playoff baseball is beginning, and the Giants and A's both won their divisions!

  • The A's did it by sweeping the Texas Rangers in the final three game series of the year. Very dramatic and a great story.

  • But over on the SFGate, when Giants fans tried to congratulate the A's and their fans, we got attacked.

  • I have never seen such an inferiority complex before in sports.

  • I blame Bud Selig.

  • The 49ers are doing well, the Sharks are locked out, and I couldn't care less about the Warriors.

  • Oh, and the Raiders SUCK! (again)

  • Going to see the restored Lawrence of Arabia tonight as part of the 50th anniversary celebration.

  • I got to see this years ago in a restored 70mm print. Unbelievable.

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San Francisco 49ers: 34
New York Jets: 0

We just controlled this game. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman used 152 packages that left the Jets' defense completely confused. Our defense just shut down the Jets' offense.

San Francisco Giants: 7
San Diego Padres: 5

Giants come back from being down 5-2 in the 8th to win what was basically a tune-up for both teams. We're looking towards the postseason, and the Padres are auditioning young talent for next year.

Meanwhile, in the East Bay...

Denver Broncos: 37
Oakland Raiders: 6

Yeah, the Raiders suck.

The A's remain in the hunt for a playoff berth.
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in an alternate universe.

Back playing Madden 2011 again. I have a very successful franchise, but need more cash so I can build a new stadium without moving the team. To that end, after my 34-14 victory over the Ravens, I made some moves.

I went through my roster and looked for places to cut. Under performing and overpaid veterans, mostly, who were blocking the advancement of promising rookies, mainly. I put them on the trading block with a lower-round draft pick, and asked for a higher round pick. Cleared close to $30 million off my payroll, and now have two picks in each of the first three rounds of next year's draft. I'm starting tomplan for the retirement of some of my more valuable veterans.

Seriously, I think I enjoy running the front office more than I enjoy playing football in this game.
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  • I hate India.

  • Specifically, I hate one multinational office in India for sending me a set of car reservations five minutes before I left work last night.

  • I leave work at 2300hrs on Mondays and Fridays.

  • Then of course I get home completely exhausted, and forget to take my meds.

  • Guess I need to start taking them all in the mornings.

  • It's only nine pills, six of which could choke a horse.

  • Freddie Solomon died. One of the standout wide receivers of the first part of the 49ers decade of dominance.

  • Jerry Rice has said that he learned to be a NFL receiver by playing with Solomon.

  • The main reason I'm so grumpy is I'm dealing with a head cold that refuses to go away.

  • Just one more shift then I can relax for two days.

  • Except for needing to get to work writing.

  • One bit of awesome today. I Left My Heart in San Francisco was recorded 50 years ago today.

  • So at noon all of San Francisco stopped for a sing-along. The public alarm test played the song.

  • I'll look for video tomorrow.

  • But right now I need to finish some laundry and head into work.

  • Oh well.. pitchers and catchers report soon, and being busy beats being on disability.

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We get it. Y'all are so much more evolved than us Neanderthals who enjoy sports and like the spectacle of the SuperBowl. And they way you so cleverly mangle the game's name and feign ignorance of the event? Hysterical! Just like last year. And the year before that. Oh, and just about every year since I first got on the internet 20+ years ago.

Why people cannot just ignore the event and not try to show off their disdain is beyond me.
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Yesterday, as I posted, the 49ers won their first playoff game in nine years in heart-stopping fashion. During breaks in the action, the speakers at Candlestick Park were playing various bits of music. A frequent song was Pantera's Walk

The lyrics show why this is a good modern sports anthem.

You talking to me?

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San Francisco 49ers: 36

New Orleans Saints: 32

Four lead changes in the last four minutes. Five Saint turnovers. Vernon Davis makes The Catch III with nine seconds left to send the 49ers to the NFC Championship game.

Holy fuck, that was an amazing game
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49ers coach Jim Harbaugh pulled off one of the best damned trick plays I've ever seen in forty years of watching football.

After an unsuccessful third-down play, most of the offense ran off the field while the kicking unit came on for a field goal try. Except wide receiver Michael Crabtree stopped just short of the sideline, and turned around and looked for all the world like he was just watching the play like everyone else. Hijinks ensued.

The Niners finish the season an astonishing 13-3, and have secured a first-round bye in the playoffs.
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But aside from a decimal point placement error on the amount of mashed potatoes required, my sister hit it out of the park in her first-ever go at Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was perfect, the Trader Joe's stuffing was fantastic, and the dinner rolls were made from scratch. I ate an amazing three helpings. Which, given my recent health, should count as a miracle of some kind.

Better than the food was seeing the entire Berry clan in one place. My big brother, his lady, my Mom (enjoying her first work-free Thanksgiving in fifty years) and of course all three nieces. Lenore (Niece Prime) is now old enough to drink, a realization that makes me want a drink. Emergency Back-Up Niece Kylie and the Niece of Last Resort Regan did what any self-respecting 6 and 4 year olds would do when surrounded by relatives - they went nuts.

In between hypersonic shrieks made by small children good conversation was had. Sadly, I'm still not feeling overly well, so we bowed out shortly after desert (which I didn't even try to eat, I would have died.) The Stoopid 49ers ruined a perfect holiday by losing to the Ravens, 16-6. Ah well, we're still 9-2 and hold a 4.5 game lead in the NFC West with five games to go. GO NINERS!

Earlier in the day another Thanksgiving tradition was observed. We went to church courtesy of KFOG. Of course, now I'm imagining OWS marching to One Police Plaza, singing a chorus of Alice's Restaurant and marching away.

They might think it's a movement...
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And damn, does that suck.

Saturday we replaced the shower head. [ profile] kshandra wanted something with a hand-held head, and we found a nice dual head model for cheap at OSH. Installed it with only a couple of missteps. (yes Doug, they included the washers for a reason.) Works great, and the massage setting is amazing. But we had another bathroom issue. The toilet seat had come almost completely off its mountings. The seat and the hardware were plastic, and had broken in several places. Kiri make another OSH run, coming back with a much sturdier wooden seat with stainless steel hardware. One problem: At some point someone had replaced one of the mounting bolts; this set was brass and I couldn't move the nut for love or money. Punt. Call the landlord. Luckily, he was able to make it out the same day, and not only fixed the problem but also got the light bulb base out of the kitchen light. Amazing what you can do with the correct tools. Now we just need to get new bulbs. But that's going to have to wait, as there is a state disability fuckery going on.

Somewhere in there we managed to fit in a trip to Outback Steakhouse (we had a coupon for one free dinner.) Great Halford, that food is amazing. Just a basic 6oz sirloin with fries was heavenly. I also approve of their beer mugs. It was sobering to see that Kirsten's meal alone was about we spend for both of us to eat at Chili's. I also watched a lot of football. The Niners won again and are now 6-1. The highlights of the game were Frank Gore passing Roger Craig for second place on the 49ers' all-time rushing list, and completions of 17 yards to Joe Staley and 18 yards to Isaac Sopoaga. Why are those highlights? Staley is the 49ers' starting Left tackle, and weighs 315lbs. Sopoaga is a defensive lineman and weighs in at 330lbs. Coach Jim Harbaugh is pulling out all the stops. Staley had an impressive first down move. He says he practiced it at home. He also say he has a touchdown dance ready. Know fear.


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