14 Nov 2009

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  • Saw the oncologist Thursday. Got to see the results of the PET scan.

  • My guts are amazingly cool. Knowing that bits of my spleen had regrown is one thing. Seeing them on a computer screen? Awesome.

  • My bladder (and kidneys, to a lesser extent) were bright on the scan. Turns out that they were already sweeping the radioactive sugar from my body.

  • Fear my Glowing Bladder of Death!

  • As cool as it was, the results were still inconclusive. So a needle biopsy is going to be scheduled.

  • We've ruled out some of the major malignancies like pancreatic cancer. If it is a cancer, it's probably a return of the Hodgkin's or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

  • Let's hope for "Doug is just weird"

  • Finally got my truck into the shop. We had an appointment two weeks ago, but then I got this flu bug...

  • I really like the Ford dealership. They care about the vehicles they service, and explain things in clear terms.

  • Darby got a clean bill of health. I'm happy to have my ride back

  • [livejournal.com profile] kshandra is happy that she doesn't have to get up at Oh-God-Thirty to drive me in anymore.

  • I'm determined to de-clutter our lives. We're pack rats and have been hauling boxes of junk around for two decades.

  • To that end, today I'm taking a chainsaw to my RPG collection, including the Traveller stuff.

  • I have some rare/collectible stuff. It's all going to go up on eBay at fire sale prices.

  • At this point I really don't think I've touched some of the stuff on that shelf in years. It can go.

  • And we could use the money, and the space.

  • My plan is to get the living room done. Cleaned, organized, and not looking like a major earthquake just hit.

  • Then do the bedroom. Then the spare room/storage space.

  • Each step will be accompanied by eBay/Freecycle/Goodwill dumping of crap.

  • Hell, we still are hauling around the Win 3.1 box!

  • Still dithering about Thanksgiving wines.

  • Work continues to be a source of amusement and annoyance. We're really starting to see the winter slow down in construction affecting our volume of orders.

  • We've started using a hand held scanner for signatures. When it works, it's great.

  • Is it too early for a microwave burrito?

  • There is no Civ IV note. The Civ IV tag is a lie!


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