3 Oct 2009

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Something I actually achieved in Civ IV today.

My Mongols shared a long border with the Romans, and my relations with them were poor at best. It finally erupted into war late in the game. I laid waste to the areas close to my borders, and even besieged Rome briefly, but withdrew knowing I didn't have the weight to finish him off. I sued for peace after Roman forces seized two of my cities; an act that threatened my main trading routes.

In the ensuing peace I went on a building and upgrading spree. I fortified my border with Rome, got the Malayan Empire to cease trading with Rome, and built up forces around my two cities. I also stationed cavalry behind the border units to serve as raiders and to chase down Romans doing the same thing. When I was satisfied that the balance of forces was right, I declared war and sent my cavalry over the border to raise havoc. In the meantime, my riflemen and grenadiers, ably backed by massed cannon, attacked a retook my two cities. On turn two of the war, my border forces repulsed several Roman attacks while my marauding horsemen burned and looted. The armies that had liberated my city went flying south the attack a Roman city. On turn 3, my cavalry was mainly hunting down Romans in my territory while the main army burned Ravenna to the ground.

Having lost three cities, his armies in disorder, and me two turns from Rome with a sizable force, the Romans sued for peace. I ended up getting a pretty good tribute along with my territory back.

The Short, Victorious, War. It can be done.
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