19 Sep 2009

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Thursday, as I pointed out in my voice post, the truck broke down. It took about three hours in all to get the tow out and get me back to the warehouse. Where, at noon, i was sent out to do my full route. Two stops in Concord/Walnut Creek, out to Brentwood, then on to Stockton. There were pick ups in Livermore, but I flat out told my bosses that I had little chance of getting there before they closed. Ended up doing about 12.25 hours.

Yesterday was only slightly better. Half my stops were marked "Early AM delivery! Hot! Hot! Hot!" These deliveries stretched from Fremont to Lodi. Again, I had to plot a route that stretched around Mt. Diablo and account for sudden changes. The Lodi stop got their stuff at about 1130, and didn't seem to stressed since they hadn't finished the rest of the work for the site this material was needed for, so their truck wasn't going anywhere. One of those sudden changes gave me the excuse to drive one of my favorite shortcuts, Marsh Creek Road between Brentwood and Clayton. This is a rural road that runs right under Mt. Diablo's shadow, and through some beautiful country. Bit of a battle in my work truck, but it dropped me out right where I needed to be.

Needless to say, over twenty hours of driving in two days left me rather exhausted, and I went to bed very early last night. Didn't even bother with the Giants game. Which we won. BEAT L.A.! The Rockies lost to the D'backs, so we're now within 2.5 of the wildcard.
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See who you've outlived.


You are 43 years and 77 days old today.

You've outlived Erik XIV of Sweden by two days. He was the king of Sweden (1560-68) who was deposed and imprisoned after becoming increasingly insane. He died from arsenic poisoning on February 26, 1577, 390 years before you were born.


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