12 Sep 2009

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  • Really nice to get back to driving.

  • Even if yesterday featured me having to do close to eighty miles to deliver two small boxes.

  • A screw-up somewhere in the system resulted in two orders that were supposed to go UPS not making the shipment.

  • Which is why I got to go to Lodi and Modesto.

  • One bad thing. The high stress of the last few weeks coupled with the return to work combined to bring Ensign Wheatbiscut out of hiding.

  • I was not a happy camper Thursday night.

  • The Giants, sadly, seem to be fading. We're running out of chances at the wildcard.

  • We can't hit, and our bullpen is giving up way too many runs.

  • Oh, well. We have a winning season and a strong base for next year.

  • Now watch, the G-men are going to go on a 12-0 run.

  • Slept through a thunderstorm last night.

  • Bummer.

  • Did a quick re-read of In At The Death last week, and I really want to see another series set about twenty years alter. The race to the Moon between the US, Imperial Japan, and the Deutsches Reich controlling most of Europe. Featuring Senator Cassius Madison as a mover and shaker.

  • I now have Heavy Metal Sunday plotted out through the end of the year. I'm organized!

  • Heard from my doctor. My chest CT was referred to an oncologist, and while there's no immediate call for alarm, we're scheduling a follow-up just because I really should have one.

  • Need to hit Costco. Pray for us.


gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Default)

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