28 Aug 2009

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CT today at 1700. I'm planning on getting there early.
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Batshit insane Japanese candidate. Who sounds a lot like Glen Beck.
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Back from my CT scan. The stick for the contrast was good, and as always being scanned is a fun science-fiction experience. Any time you get to be subject to a scanning laser is a good time, IMHO. I was also introduced to a hospital gown that made sense! Amazing.

But there was one thing that made me go Bwuh? There was a TV in the waiting room, and as we entered a movie was just starting. Denzel Washington flick.. John Q.

If you're not familiar with it, it's a hostage drama. Denzel takes an ER full of people hostage when his insurance company refuses to pay for his son's heart transplant. This is a WTF on two counts. First of all, it's a movie about medical failures, people being told that loved ones are going to die, and powerless doctors. Just thing to show to patients in a hospital, yes? Secondly, the bad guy in the film is the health insurance company. Kaiser is a health insurance company at its heart. Great time to get people thinking about how tenuous their health care is.

Should have results by late Monday.
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I'd love to have that version of Forever Young


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