23 Jun 2009

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I didn't go into work today due to almost no sleep last night. When you find yourself in uniform, sitting at the computer, and can't remember why you're awake at 0500 you have no business driving a truck.

Great, caught a few hours after calling in, woke up, and decided today would be a good day to renew my driver's license. This needs to happen before my birthday, and I've been trying to get over to the DMV for a couple of weeks. We go to the Santa Teresa office, wait three minutes, I go back... and there's a hold on my license?

Friends, way back in 2002 I had my last seizure event, brought on by working sick. That was when I decided to take a year off to allow myself time to heal (it was also during this time I ran out of my meds, couldn't afford more, and learned why I was seizing.) Time passes, seasons change, we move to San Jose, and I need to renew my license. No problems.

I need to get my DMV printout multiple times to apply for driving jobs. No problems, and a clean DMV record with no holds or departmental actions mentioned.

I get my renewal notice a few weeks ago, and what does it say?

To renew your license you are required to:

  • bring this completed form and your license to the DMV.

That's it. Nothing about a medical review, or a hold on my renewal. So imagine my surprise when I get told that there's a medical hold. And of course no one can explain the facts as given above.

I am beyond pissed.

EDIT 1349: Just got off the phone with the DMV, they say there is no hold. We're heading back down to the office, and not leaving until this is cleared up.
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As is a renewed driver's license!

We went back down to the DMV, and I went straight back to the lady I had spoken with earlier. I told her that the DMV line said I didn't need any special clearances. She tried to tell it was a separate agency. So, I replied, the DMV doesn't know about a hold that has allegedly been in place? One that has allowed me to renew my license once and pull no fewer than three long-form printout of my driving records that showed no holds, restrictions, or DMV actions? Can I speak to a manager, please?

Manager comes, looks at the paperwork i had brought in, and at my record. I explain that i'm angry because I'm doing what they told me to do, and if there had been notice that I needed some sort of medical exam, I would have had it taken care of weeks ago! Some more examination of records, and she removes the block with four keystrokes.

So glad that's done.

My new license should get here before we go to Quebec.


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