8 Mar 2009

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Cassandra Syndrome is an up and coming Maryland-based band who have recently released their first album: Of Patriots and Tyrants. Their style is sort of Celtic Metal, but almost Metal Filk, if there is such a thing.

But they appear today because LJ's own [livejournal.com profile] whiteknucklejoe plays bass for these guys. Joe's a fellow veteran of the Big Olive Drab Machine, Really Bad Idea Department, so I figured to give him and his group a little more exposure. Very little. But anyway, enjoy Phoenix, a video that doesn't seem to ever show Joe. :)

Next week: we go from a relatively new band all the way back to what some consider the birth of Heavy Metal.
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In Madden 2008:

San Francisco 49ers: 76
St. Louis Rams: 34

No, this was not an Arena League game. I'm still trying to puzzle out how I can actually play the game in Coach mode, and made some changes that I thought would work. They didn't, and my team took the field gloriously ignoring me. But I then scored on my first three possessions (while the Rams accumulated a stunning negative 40 yards in their tries) and the rout was on. So I watched the game.

Yes, my Niners are that good, and the Lambs suck that bad. Due to an injury to my All-Pro running back, I had my first-round draft choice rookie starting at half back. He piled up 245 yards. There was over a thousand yards of combined offense. I recorded eight sacks.

I need to figure out how to get control of the play calling in full graphics mode. That's what I enjoy, being the head coach and letting my team execute.
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We've dropped out of the top 1000! Current needs bolded.

Increase population http://crashlanding.myminicity.com

Increase industry http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/ind

Improve the transport network http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/tra

Increase security http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/sec

Improve environment http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/env

Increase business http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/com
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nicked from various places.

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