28 Feb 2009

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I was at a large complex, some sort of school, set in what appeared to be the high Mojave or a similar desert. The main building was massive and squat, with thick sandstone walls and any number of domes and spires. It resembled nothing more than a walled city. There were numerous outbuildings, the most prominent of which was the Holey Tower. This was a watchtower sort of affair that looked like a classic chess Rook. It was so named because of its damaged state, with multiple holes punched through the walls.

There was no conscious reason in the dream as to why I was there or even what sort of school it was. but there was a clear feeling of oppression and control, with the students teetering on the edge of rebellion. Much of the dream concerned the exploration of the numerous passages under the school which the students accessed through the Holey Tower. This labyrinth had many chambers, the most important of which was the Free Store. This was a huge storehouse containing clothing, building supplies, camping gear, and the like. But everything was poorly organized. At one point in the dream I was in the Free Store looking for a pair of jeans, and while there was a wall of them, they were utterly mixed up in style, color, and sizes. Some really odd sizes, too. Who needs a 34" waist and 58" length?

At this point the action became confusing. There was a crackdown (by who I couldn't tell) and students were either being evacuated or fleeing the school. I remember racing around above ground trying to get to known access points to the tunnels and finding that the Holey Tower had been crudely boarded up. I ended up with a group of friends on an old, very dusty, Trailways bus. The last detail I remember was that one of the women in our group had just given birth as the crackdown started, and this was somehow extremely significant.
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Galactic Gravity Golf
gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Believe in Shadows)
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