26 Feb 2009

gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Penguin - Eat you)
Since I got the relined lower plate back, I've slowly been learning to chew and bite. Yesterday, I managed a hamburger from AM/PM for lunch. but I've learned a few things.

  • I need to glue the teeth right before I eat, and be prepared to re-goop them immediately after I've finished my meal.

  • It's best to cut things up into small bites first.

  • Smaller portions are best, since I take a while to eat anything.

  • Finger foods work best. I can tear them up into manageable pieces.

  • Very important to have a lot to drink. I can't quite get my tongue around to get stray bits, so I need to have something to clean my mouth out.

  • When possible, stick to soft foods.

The easiest way for me to eat is to just take my bloody teeth out and gum my food. But that's not going to be acceptable in public in most cases. I'm very happy that our hotel in Montreal has a complimentary breakfast buffet. Scrambled eggs and sausage are just my speed these days.


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