17 Jan 2009

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We accomplished more before 1100 than most people do all day.

We got up early to head over and apply for our passports. Good plan, as we were second in line and first with completed paperwork. Amazingly enough for a government office, service was fast, efficient, and pleasant. I joked that my picture was perfect since Canadian customs would be seeing me after a red-eye flight and a long layover in Detroit. Should be getting the passports in a few weeks.

So, where are we on the Montreal trip?

Airline tickets
Hotel reservations waiting for the housing form to open
Super Shuttle reservations we'll do that about two months out
Learn enough French to get by and not look like Ugly Americans. considering things, i think Kirsten is going to be doing most of the talking

We're still thinking about travelers' checks v. getting Canadian currency v. just carding everything.

After that we needed to hit Costco for a few things (mostly for me.) While waiting for Kirsten to come back from the restrooms, I nearly had a heart attack. All five seasons of Babylon 5 for less than $20/season. Score!

Our neighbors are having a yard sale. I didn't see any signs for it, and they haven't even bothered to ask me to move my truck (parked right in front of the building) so they can be seen a little better. Given our crappy location, a better plan would have be to shell out the fifty bucks for a space at a flea market.. there's a couple around here every weekend.

Last night, after I got out of the shower, there was a message on my cell phone. It was Adam. Called him back and was told there are no orders for my route or two others on Monday. I was offered the chance to take Monday as PTO time. Good deal. This isn't surprising, since Monday is MLK day. A number of our regulars told us they were taking the day off.

Yes, I will write this weekend.


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