11 Jan 2009

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This one comes courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] kengr and fits the month's theme perfectly.

Goregate is a German Death Metal band that has been knocking around since 1991. Currently unsigned, they appear to have released one full length album and a couple of EPs. This may be the most obscure act I've ever presented; but they're here today because when they do a cover, they dig deep.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven performed as a Death Metal piece. Weird, but very interesting. Enjoy!

Next week, a cover of a cover of a traditional folk song played in a very appropriate place.
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Downloaded Madden NFL 08 last night. Hooray for four hour+ downloads. But the game runs, is quite beautiful, and in my fantasy draft I got Drew Brees and Brian Urlacher (full roster to follow.)

But what I didn't get was a manual.

Yeah, that's useful. So right now, I have no clue how to set things up so I call plays for my team. I'm going to have to find one online or something.
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Since Madden 08 seems to support fantasy team builds. But what to name them? Going off the origin of the Crashlanding name I'd think something like "Storm", "Hurricanes", "Tempest", or "Blast" might be appropriate.

Current needs bolded

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