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Thirty Day Song Challenge Day Seven: A song to drive to

True story: I first heard of Bill Kirchen, and his amazing take on Hot Rod Lincoln while I was still driving for PODS. I had been sent to drop a container in the Santa Cruz Mountains during a raging rainstorm. It would have been a hard drop on a sunny day, and I was doing it in running water up to my ankles.

Driving home, with my shoes on the floor of the passenger side of the cab, and my socks on the dash near the vents, driving my big truck on Highway 9 in a deluge, I was listening to KPIG, and they played this. I was hooked. We've seen him a couple of times, and every time he plays Hot Rod Lincoln it's different.

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[personal profile] onyxlynx 2017-06-20 05:05 pm (UTC)(link)
But...but this would encourage me to speed up!

(My fave "driving song" is one that allowed me to cruise along exactly at the speed limit when being tailed by cops in Ohio.)