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Work continues on the Free Trailer Beowulf. I'm going to straight up admit that Kirsten has been doing most of the grunt work, and she's been stunning.

One thing we learned early is that we suck at backing the trailer into parking spots. To fix that, she bought a hitch dolly. A simple ball hitch attached to a wheeled dolly. Our trailer is light enough to be easily pushed by hand, and using this puts the pivot point right at the hitch point rather than 10' forward at the truck's front wheels. We used it today to correctly position the trailer in its storage yard slot. Along with that, we got a wheel dock to hold the front jack leg in place.

My contribution today was spraying the mold Kiri found with plenty of vinegar and pulling down the contact paper that was serving as wallpaper to see if the fungi had spread. We'll probably end up staining that wood and sealing it with a spray coating. Glow in the dark stars and moons will happen. During the process I found that the previous owner had left a small camp mirror behind. One less thing for us to buy!

Next step is to hook up the trailer and take it back over to Kiri's office. The Manly Men there saw some deficiencies in the front of the A-frame, and there is welding equipment and a stock of steel at the warehouse. The wiring is also a bit of a kludge, and needs to be cleaned up a little. While that's happening, I'll be inside carefully scrubbing the dead mold off the wood and sealing the affected areas.

After we took care of things at the storage yard, we decided to go check out the new Bass Pro Shop in New Almaden. Dear Gods, that place is huge, and so much fun to wander through! A giant aquarium stocked with really big fish, huge selections in every department, and even a well-stocked firearms section. We did buy handles for our 30oz thermal mugs. Prices there were iffy, but we can compare with REI for the best deals now that we know what's there.

The plan had been to hit the grocery store after all of this, but by that point we were both tired and my legs were spiking at seven on the pain scale. I'm planning on doing the Y tomorrow (I expect it to be empty) and I'll hit to store on the way back home.
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  • Completely fallen off the habit of writing here.

  • The "Goals & Accomplishments" thing has been stopped because it was just making me angry.

  • Too many Fails, not enough being done.

  • Plus, bronchitis really kicked me in the ass.

  • But life does move on.

  • Seeing new doctors.

  • Back to the Y on a regular basis.

  • Been trying to write more.

  • Gearing for upcoming events.

  • It's that wonderful time of the year here in Santa Clara where you can put almost anything out to the curb for pick-up.

  • As a result, our street looks like a disaster area.

  • We also have pickers coming through in advance of the official pick-up.

  • Normally an annoyance (They double park, block our narrow street, and drive at 5mph while scanning the piles) this year they worked in our favor.

  • We had a few things to put out. All the old dishes and glasses we're dumping, an old stereo, some other stuff.

  • I was really worried what would happen with all the breakable stuff in the street.

  • But yesterday [personal profile] kshandra was shaving my head in the carport (easier to clean up) and we saw a nice older gentleman looking over the pile across the street.

  • Got his attention, and he happily took all our crap.

  • Got to watch lifeguard training at the YMCA today. Really interesting.

  • Now I need lunch.

  • The Giants are struggling. We've dealt with a lot of injuries early in the season.

  • Today's game was rained out. Boo!

  • But we did sweep the hated Dodgers in SF, and our next three are against LA in Chavez Gulch.

  • BEAT L.A.!

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  • My apologies for mostly vanishing over the last week or so.

  • The letter from the government telling me that I can work again and all my benefits were going away just kicked my butt.

  • I was seriously non-functional for eight hours after reading that, and barely able to operate as an adult for the rest of the week.

  • But things have been done.

  • We filed all the paperwork for a reconsideration.

  • We've contacted a legal group for assistance.

  • We've spoken with my doctor.

  • Which also led to another melt-down when it turned out that none of my referrals had gone through.

  • Which should be fixed now.

  • But we did enjoy FogCon.

  • Remember FogCon? We went to FogCon before all this started.

  • Nice, relaxing event.

  • I got the entire Mars series autographed by Kim Stanley Robinson.

  • The non-awards banquet was good.

  • Saw some old friends we haven't encountered in too long.

  • Next up, BayCon, where I will be a panelist.

  • We've learned that we need to get a room on site so I can retreat and rest.

  • This drama has also played merry hell with my workout schedule.

  • I either forget to go to the Y, or am too stressed to go.

  • That changes now.

  • The YMCA is now on my calender. Three visits a week minimum. Monday night aqua-aerobics with [personal profile] kshandra.

  • The change in my energy level since I started working out has been amazing.

  • My writing continues to improve gradually.

  • Working on a couple of things I might submit for publication.

  • The writing group I attend through Santa Clara Adult Ed has been amazingly helpful.

  • I'll probably self-publish my novel through Amazon, just so I can saw I wrote a novel.

  • Y'all are buying it. yes?

  • Still want to get back into gaming.

  • Thought I had a couple of leads on a group, but they fell through.

  • Anybody interested in a regular gaming night in the South Bay?

  • 20 days to Opening Day for your 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants!

  • Who have the Best Commercial Ever.


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(Tip of the hat to Niece Prime for first calling me out on that.)

One of the things I've learned since starting at the YMCA is music really helps my 45 minutes on the bike go by much faster. I've had fun putting together work-out mixes, tending towards longer jams and good beat counts.

Today I was trying a new mix:

Metallica - ...And Justice for All (Live) 10:06

Grateful Dead - Help On The Way/Slipknot!/Franklin's Tower (Live) 18:58

Genesis - Domino: Part I-In The Glow Of The Night Part II:The Last Domino (Live) 11:21

Start pedaling, hit play on the playlist and . . . nothing. ...And Justice for All refuses to start. Go to the second track and everything is fine. But at the end of the music, I still have roughly ten minutes of work and a five minute cool-down. So I search for a good song. That's when I learn that close to 2/3rds of the music on my iPhone is on the cloud. I put it on my phone for a reason, not so I can be warned that downloading the song over cellular might cost me money.

This really pissed me off. It threw off my rhythm, really elevated my heartbeat, and cost me many spoons.

So I ask, on an iPhone 4, is there any way to force iTunes to actually put my music where I want it?

As a sign of how frustrated I was, I completely missed that I was lifting the wrong weight on the row station for my first set.
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Done today:
  • Did the dishes.
  • Spent 45 minutes writing.

To be done tomorrow:
  • Visit with new doctor. (Again.)
  • Clean around desk area. (VACUUM.)
  • Laundry.
  • Work out at Y.

  • No cleaning done.
  • Did not eat well.
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Done today:

  • Went to the YMCA.

  • Met with a personal trainer.

  • Did ten minutes on the recumbent bike.

  • Reps on machines I will learn the names of, I swear.

  • Deposited two unexpected checks.

  • Went to Smart & Final for Gatorade.

  • Did some writing, but not at all happy with it.

  • Set up online account for the system that monitors workouts.

To be done tomorrow:

  • Cleaning around the desk and entryway.

  • Laundry.

  • Work on an article I promised to write.


  • No cleaning today.

  • I drank too much beer.

Going forward I'm going to post the details of my workouts. Nice thing about the Y, their machines are on FitLinxx so I can monitor my progress.
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You know I had to do that.

Had my meeting with a personal trainer at the Y this morning. Went incredibly well. I explained my goal of regaining some of the muscle tone and endurance I had before the stroke and my limitations. He immediately came up with a plan for me that starts slow and we can build on that from there.

I told Randy that I expected to come at least three times a week. My workout is going to be 40 minutes on a recumbent bike (which has a TV, so I need to dig up some headphones) followed by reps on a push-up machine and a rowing machine. Total time, about an hour. He also recommended getting in the pool either for aqua aerobic classes or just during free swim to work on motion.

Extremely happy with this. Also, you log your workouts (most of the machines do it for you) and earn points. Earn enough points, and you get t-shirts!There's also such a great sense of community here, and no gym rat pressure. I foresee spending a lot of time at the Y.

Now if I can just get that damn song out of my head...


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