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I still need to pick up a new card holder for my wallet.

Also need to find new silencers for my dog tags. Yes, I still wear my tags. If for no other reason, they have my blood type printed on them.

But I'm not going anywhere. I'm trying to get back into the habit of wearing my teeth, and to help suppress my gag reflex I've taken a Vicodin.

OK, here's a question for the non-veterans on my friends' list. A standard set of US dog tags have five lines of information stamped into them. Without looking it up, can you tell me what those lines contain? I've already told you what's on line 4.
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Anyone have an old gaming console they'd like to donate? All I really want to do is be able to play MaddenNFL Football and maybe a couple of other sports games.


8 Jun 2011 18:09
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epic win photos - Bedroom Design WIN
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Anyone have a left-handed guitar they'd be willing to sell me cheap? Plus recommendations for a book/CD/DVD instruction program that address the fact that I'm sinister?

So long as I'm stuck at home, and it may be for a while, I may as well do something constructive. I used to play bass, figured I'd take up guitar.

Of course, if anyone has a left-handed bass lying around...
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Even the X-Men are jumping on board! This Uncanny X-Men No. 5... on Twitpic

Outcasts, mutants, World Series Champions.

If anyone going to WonderCon SF could grab this for me, I'd be eternally grateful.
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GameMastery Combat Pad. One of those "why didn't I think of that" things.
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"There are approximately 5 million hair follicles on the average human body. I don't need a suit, I'm already furry!"
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Join the 2010 World Champions at the Play Ball Lunch!

So, what do we get for our money?

  • Name the celebrity who sits at your table!

  • 2 tables (18 seats) with a celebrity of your choice and prime location

  • 4-person Honorary Field Visit at AT&T Park (mutually agreeable date)

  • Half-page program ad

  • AT&T Park scoreboard recognition

  • Totally giving the program space and scoreboard to Earthbaby.

    So, which Giant, past or present, would you like to have at you table?

    If I could chose one of each, I'd pick Freddie Sanchez, our current second baseman. I'd love to talk defense after his incredible season last year. Of past Giants, I think Robb Nen, our previous great closer. I've always loved closer, the concentrated pressure to come in and get three outs to seal the deal against a team that's fighting to the last.
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    Rising from the murky depths of computer history, the Commodore 64 rides again!

    [ profile] kshandra and I had a C64 back in the day (which meant we ended up with boxes and boxes of other peoples' Commodore junk) and enjoyed it. Owning a C64 was like owning a VW Microbus. It was cranky, didn't use any standard parts, required constant care and fine-tuning, but owning one made you part of the cult.

    I still remember running the SSI Gold Box AD&D games on that machine. Several times I would have a combat encounter start, order a pizza, and the pizza would arrive before the combat had finished loading. Good times.

    Tip of the floppy disk to [ profile] filkertom for the link.
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    Kirsten and I are broke, so gift-giving this year is going to be pretty sparse. I've asked for the Giants season DVDs, and that's about it.

    But, since it's a holiday tradition, I've updated my two wishlists.

    Amazon - Doug's Page of Greed

    ThinkGeek - Doug is a Geek

    Like I said, not expecting anything. But if someone with more money than sense wants to buy me the camera and the associated memory kit, I really wouldn't complain that hard.
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    What were you thinking?

    That is a Potemkin-class RV. It's on O'Farrell St. at Grant, in the heart of San Francisco's notoriously difficult to maneuver in downtown. Sad thing is, I had to follow this guy as he circled the block. Up Grant to Geary, then a right on Stockton. I think he was looking for parking. Halford help him.

    I mean, I have enough trouble getting my truck through these streets! This guy was not a professional, and he was dealing with a badly balanced vehicle. There used to be a RV Park in San Francisco. It was at 4th and King. That's now Lot A for AT&T Park.

    At my one pick up, I saw this:

    Oh, I want this.

    A good winter jacket that meets OSHA standards for high-visibility safety clothing? Less than $100? I so need one!
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    • I'm sitting at home ripping CDs.

    • I've also emptied several of the damn boxes, which is how I found the CDs that needed to be ripped.

    • Out of beer, and can't muster the energy to go buy more.

    • Doing laundry is the highlight of my day so far.

    • Decided that we could really use a kitchen island, a small one, for more work space in our kitchen.

    • Luckily, Ikea has several good ones.

    • We so need a storage unit.

    • Man, I love the Grateful Dead.

    • The CD currently being ripped has four songs on it.. 14:20, 16:37, 13:11, and 17:54.

    • Not even a concert from the trippy 70s. Hartford, Connecticut, 14 OCT 83

    • The CD in question was the first four songs of the second set.

    • This is all part of my usual "Kirsten isn't here" funk. Happens every time she goes away for more than a few days, especially to Burning Man where's there is little or no contact.

    • Last night I found myself having bizarre military dreams. Woke up to the sound of distant artillery.

    • Actually, we're close enough the Great America that I could hear their fireworks display.

    • Didn't bother to put on clothes to go out and check if it was visible from our place.

    • Seriously considering skipping Baycon next year and flying to New York for a party in Queens.

    • OK, need to eat something. Everyone in a two-mile radius has the grill going!

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    A new camera.

    If I made over $200 in overtime on the check I'm getting tomorrow, I'm going for it. I miss taking pictures, damnit!
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    While waiting for an order to be filled at one of our vendors, I bemoaned my lack of a simple tool, the stud finder. We have a lot of framed artwork, and more waiting to be framed, along with a set of shelves we never got around to putting up here. I want to do it right at the new place.

    The guy at Bay Tool said he thought that he had a good stud finder.. one that came with a laser level. Since both [ profile] kshandra and I are a bit off-level, that seemed like a good idea. A qucik call to Kiri to approve spending about 24 bucks, and we were the proud owners of a Straight-Line 2 Tool Combo Kit.

    Fear my coherent light!
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    ... I'll be in my bunk.
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    Oh, yeah, going to need a top of the line graphics and sound card for this!

    I've been playing a lot with the Next War mod (greatly expands the late game tech tree - battle mechs, clone troopers, arcologies.. fun!) and yesterday got hat has to be the funniest message I've ever seen in the game. I was playing the Romans under Julius Ceaser, and my closest neighbor was the The Pan-Asiatic People Co-Operative led by The Glorious Leader. While still firmly in the Middle Ages, I got the Shofar horn sound meaning that war had been declared somewhere. Then The Glorious Leader pops up and says...

    "You didn't really think I was going for a Cultural Victory, did you?"

    I wasn't planning one either. Glorious Leader's timing sucked. He attacked me after I started producing macemen and crossbowmen. The PAPC was also about half the size of Rome, so I could simply overwhelm him with cheap praetorians and hordes of catapults. War lasted about ten turns. Burp. Also took out the Mongolians under Kublai Khan when they declared war on me for no apparent reason. Game ended with a Diplomatic victory in 1902.

    One thing I'm hoping to see in an expansion or mod for CivV is the ability to form combined arm units. The new game eliminates that "stack of doom" combat tactic by limiting one combat unit to a hex. But in reality, an army would have a mixture of types. A Renaissance army in the field would probably be a mixture of musket troops and pikemen. A modern US force would mix armor, mechanized infantry, and attack helicopters. It would be nice to be able to build such units to maximize their strengths.
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    I'd line the downstairs walls of the former chapel with bookshelves and lots of comfy chairs and tables, replace the main stained glass with panels of the Metal Gods, and bring in lots of movable panels or shoji screens so we could change the layout of the place for different needs. Since I've won the lottery here and am mad, I'd offer it to BASFA as a clubhouse and to any wandering fan as a place of refuge. Can you imagine the Thanksgiving Dinners That Couldn't Be Beat in this place! Can you imagine Halloween? (We'd fly the Transylvania flag from Rocky, of course.)

    And it would go so well with the doublet I tried on at Baycon!

    But what to call it? "Castle on the Park" is too New York (sorry to my NYC friends) for me. How about Caer Norton?

    Want! Want! Want!
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    I didn't really have a last two days at the con, more like a last 1.5 days. I was an early adopter of this year's con crud release. This year's model seems to be a throat infection. Joy. All I did today was have a few final chats with people, check out a few things, and throttle Publications for getting my email address wrong in the newsletter. Part of the fun was the "hunt Doug" contest that was developed on the fly. Get a picture of me actually sitting on a panel, get a ribbon left over from years gone by. But people got into it. I now know how celebrities feel.

    Did end up sitting in on two panels on Sunday. Refurbished History, the annual stealing from history panel, and Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond a panel about villains and their motivations and weaknesses. Both were fantastic.

    But today I was just dead. We did manage one more swing through the dealers room, where I was mugged by this doublet at Pendragon Costumes...


    Anyone have a spare $350?

    I eventually left, and [ profile] kshandra remained to document the final moments of my ascent into legendary status. First came the hoax zine (PDF). Then came the Hiss&Purr. Where it turns out that I was actually in charge over EVERY ASPECT OF THE CONVENTION!!!!!

    The final blow.

    I deny everything. There's no paper trail. I want a lawyer!

    So, the goodies.
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    Civilization V coming Fall 2010.
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    See, you're going to wake up one morning and there will be toasters on your lawn. What you going to do then, buddy, what are you going to do?

    I suggest you get ready for the Cylon invasion.


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