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The closest I'm ever getting to being in Pantera:

Close to greatness

Phil Anselmo was Pantera's lead singer.

A virtual brush with greatness!
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Listening to Dio-era Sabbath. So glad that I got to see them in their "Heaven & Hell" incarnation and doubly glad that [personal profile] kshandra got to see metal's demented elf live.
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I normally listen to an all-news station when driving Darby. Mainly for the traffic updates, although my absolute news geekery is also a major factor. But leaving work tonight, I needed something to help the caffeine keep me awake. Tune to the better of the local classic-rock stations. It's Two for Tuesday. I get a Black Sabbath twofer.. Iron Man and Paranoid. Yeah, two of the most predictable Sabbath tracks (Sabbra Cadabra would have killed you?) but it kept me banging down the road. Once home, I almost sat in the truck for another ten minutes. The into to Van Halen's Pretty Woman was starting...

Good way to end my work week.
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David Bowie is coming to your house. He's going to sing one song for you. What do you choose?

I'd have to take Life on Mars, with Rock and Roll Suicide as a close second.
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  • I hate India.

  • Specifically, I hate one multinational office in India for sending me a set of car reservations five minutes before I left work last night.

  • I leave work at 2300hrs on Mondays and Fridays.

  • Then of course I get home completely exhausted, and forget to take my meds.

  • Guess I need to start taking them all in the mornings.

  • It's only nine pills, six of which could choke a horse.

  • Freddie Solomon died. One of the standout wide receivers of the first part of the 49ers decade of dominance.

  • Jerry Rice has said that he learned to be a NFL receiver by playing with Solomon.

  • The main reason I'm so grumpy is I'm dealing with a head cold that refuses to go away.

  • Just one more shift then I can relax for two days.

  • Except for needing to get to work writing.

  • One bit of awesome today. I Left My Heart in San Francisco was recorded 50 years ago today.

  • So at noon all of San Francisco stopped for a sing-along. The public alarm test played the song.

  • I'll look for video tomorrow.

  • But right now I need to finish some laundry and head into work.

  • Oh well.. pitchers and catchers report soon, and being busy beats being on disability.

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Giants' Third base coach Tim Flannery has a band known as The Lunatic Fringe (a name that will make any Giants fan giggle). Recently they appeared at a benefit for Bryan Stow, the Giants fan badly beaten outside Dodger Stadium on opening day last year. They were joined by the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir for the Dead classic Friend of the Devil. Awesomeness happened.

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Found the photo of me doing a pledge break. I think this was during my senior year of high school.

Yes, I'll take you money!

Also a found a few other fun shots. First, we have me, Kirsten, and The Master from Timecon '90

We obeyed him.

And two of me at Dead shows, first at Laguna Seca Raceway, May 9-10, 1987 (I really loved that hat)

Laguna Seca Dead Show

and from later that year, at Dylan & the Dead at the Anaheim Stadium, July 26th, 1987

Dylan, the Dead, and Doug
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The first day of Spring Cleaning and Decluttering is done, and it turned out to be a money maker. After clearing out trash and putting things where they (allegedly) belong, I tore into our two large boxes of CDs. Kirsten and I were pretty vicious about eliminating things, and we ended up with a nice load of stuff we didn't want any more. Off to Streetlight!

We dropped off the stuff, and went browsing for about a half hour. Came back, and asked what our stuff was worth. We walked out with a check for $128 and about a quarter of the CDs we had brought in that they didn't want. This was just the first load as we clear out unwanted books, games, CDs and DVDs.

Decluttering can be profitable!
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But aside from a decimal point placement error on the amount of mashed potatoes required, my sister hit it out of the park in her first-ever go at Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was perfect, the Trader Joe's stuffing was fantastic, and the dinner rolls were made from scratch. I ate an amazing three helpings. Which, given my recent health, should count as a miracle of some kind.

Better than the food was seeing the entire Berry clan in one place. My big brother, his lady, my Mom (enjoying her first work-free Thanksgiving in fifty years) and of course all three nieces. Lenore (Niece Prime) is now old enough to drink, a realization that makes me want a drink. Emergency Back-Up Niece Kylie and the Niece of Last Resort Regan did what any self-respecting 6 and 4 year olds would do when surrounded by relatives - they went nuts.

In between hypersonic shrieks made by small children good conversation was had. Sadly, I'm still not feeling overly well, so we bowed out shortly after desert (which I didn't even try to eat, I would have died.) The Stoopid 49ers ruined a perfect holiday by losing to the Ravens, 16-6. Ah well, we're still 9-2 and hold a 4.5 game lead in the NFC West with five games to go. GO NINERS!

Earlier in the day another Thanksgiving tradition was observed. We went to church courtesy of KFOG. Of course, now I'm imagining OWS marching to One Police Plaza, singing a chorus of Alice's Restaurant and marching away.

They might think it's a movement...
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  • My neighbor is shouting into his phone again.

  • Inside his apartment.

  • I wouldn't complain, but I can't hear the power metal I'm listening to right now.

  • Yes, he's that loud.

  • Accomplished quite a bit in the last two days.

  • Yesterday I got my delayed blood draw done, and did some dishes.

  • Today, I took in all the recycling from home and Earthbaby and picked up a book on Napoleon III at the library.

  • I was going to get my haircut, but my Nice Asian Ladies are closed Tuesdays.

  • Napoleon III? Think of using his life as the basis for a novel/series.

  • He's a very interesting guy, and the reason Germany and Italy were able to become nations.

  • I've figured out why things like NaNoWrMo don't work for me.

  • It's the whole "write now! meet an arbitrary schedule!" aspect.

  • I actually felt guilty when I got pneumonia at the start of the month because I couldn't write.

  • That's seriously fucked up.

  • If I ever get to the point when I'm writing seriously, then I can see enforcing a schedule for writing.

  • But I'm still at the "doing it for my personal enjoyment stage."

  • I have discovered iTunes radio.

  • Some of the metal stations are quite good.

  • Watched Captain America: The First Avenger last night.

  • Good, but not great. I never saw the charisma that Cap possesses. He's supposed to be a natural leader.

  • Also the love story really felt tacked on.

  • Hugo Weaving, as the Red Skull, was as awesome as ever.

  • But the film was filled with a ton of great in-jokes.

  • My favorite was the Red Skull gloating that he had found true power while Hitler was "digging in the desert for trinkets."

  • Also, did y'all notice the original Human Torch in the glass tube in the fair scene?

  • I may have over=pushed myself in the last couple of days; so I'm taking the rest of the day to crash.

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[Poll #1790253]
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Hugh Laurie and the House Rockers - Saint James Infirmary

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Thomas Dolby's new song is stuck in my head. Will probably be there all week.

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Westercon 64. I didn't really see a lot of the con due to health issues. I mainly went to a handful of panels and chatted with friends. Sadly I missed the Business Meeting apocalypse. But from the little I saw the con was well-run, panels were well-attended, and they made good use of the space. Unfortunately the Fairmont hotel is not that great a space for a con unless you are also using the nearby convention center. The layout of the meeting rooms meant it was a long haul to get to anything, which kind of sucks if you're mobility challenged. Also the lack of a gift shop frustrated people who wanted things like energy drinks or other sundries. I can't give a rating for the whole con, simply because I wasn't there, but thumbs up for the con staff and a half-thumb down for the venue.

Polaris by Jack McDevitt. Second of the "Alex Benedict" novels, following the adventures of an antiquities dealer in the unspecified far future (humanity has been out among the stars for at least 4,000 years based on the information given) as he and his pilot/assistant Chase Kolpath hunt down valuable artifacts and sell them. The story centers around the mystery of the Polaris, which was carrying a group of VIPs to observe a collision between a G-class star and a neutron star. After the event, the Polaris' pilot report they were about to depart, then nothing. The first ship on the scene found the Polaris intact, but the occupants missing. Sixty years later, an exhibition of artifacts from the ill-fated flight sets off a chain of events that have Alex and Chase running for their lives and following clues. This is a classic locked-room mystery, and is fun because Alex and Chase don't beat information out of people, but use their brains. Not as good as A Talent For War or Seeker, the first and third books in the series, but very enjoyable. 3.5 penguins out of 5.

Tool - Undertow Tool's first full studio album, this is far more a traditional metal album when compared to their later work. Still, very good and you can hear the beginnings of the ideas that would come out later. Probably best known for the track Prison Sex. There is one thing.. Officially there are ten tracks on this album. The CD has 59 one second tracks between Flood and Disgustipated. My stereo choked on this and would stop after nine tracks. Strange, but what else do you expect from Tool? 4 penguins out of 5.

Blood Into Wine. Speaking of Tool, lead singer Maynard James Keenan fled Los Angeles in horror in 1995 and ended up in Arizona's Verde Valley; he found himself there, and decided to opening a winery. Blood Into Wine is the story of that effort, the people, and the place. As a documentary it lacks real focus, but remains fascinating as you watch Keenan working his vines with the same passion his gives his music, see the investment required to build a winery, and learn a lot about viticulture. The movie features the lighter side of Keegan's music, so if you're metal-phobic, you're safe. Really fascinating film. Better than I expected, 4 penguins out of 5.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Imitation Grace Jones
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Day 03 – Your favourite album track The Who - Success Story
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kshandra decided the 50 days of music was not for her, and chose this one instead.

  1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.

  2. List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.

  3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

She hit me with J, the same letter she had been given.

Joan Crawford - Blue Öyster Cult. Classically weird song from one of my favorite bands. I can only imagine this song came about from reading Mommy Dearest while watching a Godzilla movie marathon. The video was shot for about fifty bucks in someone's backyard, but it's still fun.

Johnny's Ghost - Captain Tractor. A great folk rock track in the mode of an Irish folk song about vengeance, infidelity, and just made for dancing with a beer in your hand. Here's to drunken Irishmen, here's to Johnny's Ghost.

Judas Rising - Judas Priest. When it was announced that Rob Halford was returning to Judas Priest after nearly a decade away from the band, many people wondered if the old magic was still there. This, the first track off 2005's Angel of Retribution settled all questions quickly. The Scream was back! Great song.

Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody - David Lee Roth. There was a period of about two years after he left Van Halen that Diamond Dave was having more fun than anyone else in music. Then he turned into a bitter loser. Oh well. This cover of the Louis Prima version is a classic. And the video is pure 80s-skewering gold.

Just A Little Light - The Grateful Dead. Brent Mydland added so much to the Dead during his tenure as the band's keyboardist. Not only his skill on the keys, but his raspy, made for the blues voice and his frankly darker songs made me a Brenthead. This isn't the best performance, but is showcases why I love the song. Listen to the lyrics.
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Day 02 – Your favourite single Marshall Tucker Band - Fire On The Mountain

Another oldie, and one of the first story songs I really loved. )
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Day 01 - A song from the first album you ever bought The Kinks - Low Budget (1979)

So old it predates music videos. )


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