29 Jan 2014

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I was just reading an article on the Black Dahlia murder, and thinking how great it would be to finally know the facts. Which leads me to this:

Congrats! That piece of crap you picked up at the thrift store has a genie in it! Unfortunately, he explains, he can't offer you any wishes due to cutbacks. But he can give the full story explaining any five mysteries you choose.

What do you want to learn about?

My choices?

  1. The Black Dahlia

  2. The Taman Shud case

  3. Shepherd’s Monument Inscription

  4. The Wow! signal

  5. The Valentich disappearance

Give your answers (with links so the rest of us can enjoy the mysteries), and repost if you feel like it.
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We watched last night's State of the Union speech, and when the President said "America needs a raise" I immediately turned to [personal profile] kshandra and asked if that was a line from Sam or Toby. "Sam", she replied.


(Sam is furious scribbling on a note pad, an untouched sandwich and muffin in front of him. Ainsley Hayes is sitting across from him, eating her lunch and looking over a receipt. Sam tears off a sheet from his notepad and throws it in the trash.)

SAM: No, no, NO! (starts writing again)

AINSLEY: You should eat your lunch. (gestures with sandwich towards the notepad) State of the Union?

SAM: The President wants a section on wages, the minimum wage to be exact, and a line to sell it. And I'm completely lost. Adrift. Sailing rudderless into unknown waters.

AINSLEY: Sam, are you writing about wages or navigation? Anyway, you'll find it. (looks at receipt and grimaces) I am going to have start bringing lunch from home! Do you see what the mess is charging these days? (sighs) I need a raise. Of course, who doesn't need a raise these days..

Sam has stopped writing and is staring at Ainsley

SAM: That's it.. "America needs a raise." That's brilliant! That's.. I gotta find Toby.

Sam races from the room.

AINSLEY (shouting after Sam) You going to finish this muffin? (after getting no answer, she rises, wraps the sandwich up, and exists the office with the muffin in hand.)


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