11 Aug 2011

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Schakowsky's Awesome Jobs Bill

Jan Schakowsky, a high-profile Progressive Caucus congresswoman from Illinois, has released a jobs bill. In her statement, she announced to America that the "worst deficit this country faces isn’t the budget deficit. It’s the jobs deficit. We need to get our people and our economy moving again.”

And her bill does precisely that in a very noble and brave step forward.
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Sign at my local recyclers. This is the same place that has an annual Tet celebration, so that might explain the wording. They're fast, courteous, and professional, so I'll let this pass.

Ominous warning or Bad English?
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After checking the handy-dandy pocket phone book that they posted; these are the panel events that I'm planning on attending. The ones I've bolded are must-sees. I've tried to keep times free for breaks and resting. I'll be bringing my dice bag, so look for me in gaming. The listings are Event Number, Room, Time, and the event title. My comments in italics.

On the night that I hit Worldcon... )

A little ambitious, but so long as I pace myself I should be fine. I have no idea how I'll be for evening events and parties. That will be a day-by-day thing. Hopefully I'll have Mr. Bigglesworth for the trip.
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Today's accomplishments:

  • Recycling from both here and Earthbaby taken in.

  • Two loads of laundry done.

  • 90% of my packing done.

  • Put in the mail stop

The only things left for me to pack are my extra shoes, my medical/hygiene stuff (that will be Tuesday morning), and I'm taking one hoodie in case I need it in the evening. Also, we need to decide which bears to take. We also need to tell the landlord that we'll be gone for the week.

Considering the construction on I-80, We're probably going to take US50 up. Never driven that, and it's been a long time since I saw Lake Tahoe.
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Yadda, yadda, science fiction classics, yadda, bold what you've read, yadda, yadda, yadda )


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