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We've decided to use my old iPod for our driving music to and from Burning Man. I'm putting together a couple of Genius play lists. This is based off Fire on the Mountain.

  1. The Marshall Tucker Band - Fire On The Mountain

  2. Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster

  3. The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues (Live)

  4. Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Ballad of Curtis Loew

  5. The Outlaws - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky

  6. Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band

  7. The Band - Up On Cripple Creek (Live)

  8. Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy 

  9. Bad Company - Shooting Star (Live) 

  10. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gimme Back My Bullets 

  11. The Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post

  12. The Outlaws - Green Grass And High Tides

  13. Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog

  14. Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55

  15. Rick Derringer - Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo (Live)

  16. The Band - It Makes No Difference (Live)

  17. George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Move It On Over 

  18. Eric Clapton - Let It Rain

  19. Peter Frampton  - Do You Feel Like We Do (Remixed Version) (Live)

  20. Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' 

  21. John Mellencamp - Rain On the Scarecrow

  22. The Band - Shape I'm In (Live)

  23. Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath 

  24. Grateful Dead - Casey Jones (Live)

  25.  Lynyrd Skynyrd - Call Me The Breeze

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