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Conversation at Offhand Manor last night while watching old Law&Order episodes:

Me: "OK, step one, win the lottery."

Kiri: "And then?"

Me: "We build a big teddy bear on the Playa, and inside there are hammocks with bears in them so people can climb in and have a cuddle."

Kiri: "That's awesome!"

Me: "Then we set it on fire."

Kiri: "At the end of the week, right?"

Me: ". . . I suppose that would work as well."
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She is so going to kill me. :)
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Kirsten is making chicken for her dinners this week.

[personal profile] kshandra: "Why does the chicken suddenly smell like pot?"

Me: "Because.. dude, chicken.. wait! That's where I hid my stash!"

[personal profile] kshandra: "So it's a really baked chicken?"
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As the Great Sale 2 grinds on, we've encountered a marvelous bit of serendipity. A local bought some of the stuff for $100. He said he'd be by today to drop off the cash. Last night, my bosses brought in 2 32" flat screen TVs. They're remodeling their home, and don't need them. Price? $100. My fellow dispatcher and I both jumped on that. So our new much bigger TV is currently in Kiri's car waiting for me to get home to offload it.

Does put off the bike goal, but at this point it looks like most of our money is going to getting my bloody computer fixed anyway.
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About a hundred bucks worth of John Scalzi books were delivered to me today. From Tor, in New York. One is autographed.

I have no fucking clue how this happened. I didn't order tham, and I certainly don't remember entering (or winning) any contests...

But I'm not complaining (grabs Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded off the pile.)
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Take a week, and drive across the country. Sounds good to me.
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A question, my dear readers. Say you needed to know the long-term parking rates at an airport. Would you...

  1. ... look up the airport online, check the website, and call the airport if you can't find the rates there? or..

  2. ... randomly call limo services on the theory we go to said airport daily and must know.

If your answer was 2, then know that you got a laugh from our office today. The best part is we pay the carriage fee at the airport, and our cars never get close to long-term parking. We're sort of the alternative to going to the airport and parking your car for a week, y'know? We're in and out as fast as possible to increase revenue.

Best part? When I gently suggested the airport website, the person on the other end sounded amazed at the concept.

Oh, and by the way? $15/day. Took me five seconds to find.
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I really would love to know the odds of this occurring.

When our drivers pick someone up at the airport, they stand in the appointed place (baggage claim or near the entrance to baggage claim) with a sign saying "Classic Limousine welcomes $PASSENGER_NAME". 9 times out of 10, the passenger sees the sign, walks up , and driver and passenger gather luggage and go to the car, no trouble.

Tonight, two men with identical names came off the same flight and both had reservations with limo services. It wasn't even a common spelling of the first name. Of course, since Murphy loves us, they both went to the wrong driver. Hijinks ensued. Luckily, the drivers were able to sort it out and everyone was laughing about it, but really what are the odds?

Now I get two days off. Thursday I may be up at AT&T Park for the filming of a Giants commercial. Woo!
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Is a classic RPG dungeon crawl where the characters are forced to follow a set plot with no chance to diverge an Underground Railroad?
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"Burn, ill-luck!"
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Everyone remember this?

I want to film people all over the country singing this, with the final being as many people as we can fit on the Capitol steps. Get people from all over. Farmers, cowboys, factory workers, trainees at Fort Benning, a New York cop on traffic duty, cute kids.

I must make it happen.
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The Great Gazoo is part of the Q Continuum.

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Gordon Ramsay dwarf porn lookalike eaten by badgers

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It's Star Wars Day at AT&T Park. Tons of people in costume. Looking at the pictures, I came up with what I'd need to do (assuming I had won the lottery at some point.)

Six stormtroopers with the Dodgers logo across their chests. Darth Vader in Dodger Blue with the "LA" logo on his helmet. And the crowning touch, Emperor Palpatine in a dark blue and white robe with LASORDA and a big 2 written across his back.

We'd be booed without mercy, and it would be awesome.
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Had to call EDD about my disability check.. it's supposed to pay twice a month, but there has been fuckery. So, [ profile] kshandra zots me the correct page, since she's been there more recently than I, and I call.

Get the usual "For information in English, Press one. Para informaciĆ³n en espaƱol, por favor, pulse dos." I press one. Where I am immediately told, in English about the toll-free line for Spanish speakers.

Amused me as well.
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I just checked the mail. I am now laughing so hard my teeth may fly out.

As many of you may recall, back in February we registered Darby as non-operational due both my inability to live and our being way broke at the time. When Kirsten filed the renewal, there was some confusion over the insurance; but it was finally determined that a non-operational vehicle didn't need to be covered. Darby sat, being started occasional to keep the fluids moving and the engine alive, until we got the funds together to get me back on the road. Again, when Kiri filed the paperwork at AAA's DMV counter, she took care of the insurance at the same time. I'm legal again, and enjoying life behind the wheel.

Well, today there were two pieces of mail from the fine folks at Dullards, Morons, and Vagabonds. Each was addressed to both of us, because we're both listed as owners. Open the first:


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I know for a fact we restarted the insurance on Darby, I have the bloody insurance cards in the truck! I start imagining another ordeal with the DMV and having to scrap our two-car plan for Reno. Muttering about the bureaucrats of the City of Dis, I open the second envelope expecting a duplicate form for the other owner. Instead I see:


I looked. Both letters were generated on August 4th. Oddly, both were mailed on August 10.

This is your government at work. Hail Eris!
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Sign at my local recyclers. This is the same place that has an annual Tet celebration, so that might explain the wording. They're fast, courteous, and professional, so I'll let this pass.

Ominous warning or Bad English?
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Submitted my ballot for the Hugo Awards.

Which means that if all my choices don't win it's obviously because the committee that controls the nominations is ignoring the will of the fans! This elite group (which makes scads of money off the Hugos) are destroying fandom! The are diluting our precious bodily fluids! Soylent Green is fans who are Slans

Is the SCI-FI CHANNEL trying to put themselves out of business?? !

(This post will make [ profile] kevin_standlee either laugh or weep. Bets, anyone?)
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Over on Yahoo!Answers, someone asked what the homosexual agenda was. I answered.

0630: Wake up, shower.

0700-0800: Gym, then breakfast at the Juice Bar. Sign up for the marathon training group.

0830-1130: Work from home, address the continuing problem in the server architecture. Consider script allowing me to beat people over the net.

1200-1330: Lunch, then hit Whole Foods to shop for dinner with Mike and Andy. Vegetarian Lasagna? Andy will still be a bitchy Vegan. Tempted to buy steak.

1400-1600: Overthrow the moral underpinnings of Western Civilization. Destroy the family as a social unit, subvert nation's children ensuring our extinction. Laugh as the world's cities burn in endless riots caused by the end of all moral restraint. Check Craigslist for new office chair.

1630-1700: Haircut and facial. Hopefully Armando is available. Complete fairy, but a genius with scissors.

1900: Dinner. If David tells that story about the duck again, he's sleeping on the couch.

Pity I'm straight/asexual.. I'm so good at being gay otherwise.
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On this date in 1934 the FBI gunned down John Dillinger outside Chicago's Biograph Theater.

Or did they?

There is plenty of evidence that the FBI (who in the 1930s were helpless and incompetent) seized on a tip from one of Dillinger's many girlfriends and opened fire the moment they saw a man of approximately the same size with Anna Sage (the famous "Woman in Red"). Under immense pressure from FDR and the public, they quickly announced that John Dillinger was dead, and that the war of the gangs of bank robbers plaguing the nation was advancing. Interestingly, the investigation stopped cold despite there being a lot of money still missing.

So, who did they shoot?

James Lawrence was considered a low level thug who was used by Anna Sage and a crooked Indiana detective to unwittingly stand in for Dillinger. The FBI claimed that Dillinger had plastic surgery and that explains any discrepancies. But the Cook County autopsy report was supposedly lost for 30 years. After it was found, the claim is that the dead guy is not the same height or weight of Dillinger. Dillinger had blue eyes whereas the corpse had brown eyes. The corpse was missing a distinguishing birthmark and had more teeth than the notorious bank-robber. Evidence showed the dead guy had a rheumatic heart. Had Dillinger had such a condition, he would have been prevented from being in the Navy.

John Dillinger got away with it.


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