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Dear person sitting in front of us at the Iron Maiden concert last night.

You are a self-centered ass, and completely ignorant of concert etiquette.

First of all, you skipped the opening act. Sucks to be you, Ghost was amazing. But then, once Iron Maiden took the stage, you spent the entire show with your phone out, taping the entire thing. Which wouldn't be so bad, but you had the camera's light on. You keep turning the phone to take selfies, meaning you kept shining that light right in my eyes as I was trying to watch Maiden.

So I hope that when you got home and reviewed the footage, you'll appreciate the fact that almost all of your selfie shots feature my raised middle fingers waving around behind you.

Up the Irons! And up yours!
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Dear gods I needed last night.

[personal profile] kshandra and went up to the Oakland Metro Operahouse for the Robb Flynn and Friends tribute to Black Sabbath

The venue itself is fantastic. A converted warehouse in West Oakland between Jack London Square and the harbor, it has amazing parking, a well-lit street, and great staff. Due to our mobility and endurance issues we had contacted the venue about getting in early to get a place to sit. We ended up with another nice couple with similar issues in what we dubbed the "Mushpit" (we're too broken to mosh.) This was right at the stage edge which gave me a unique view of the action. I was close enough to see a lot of the on-stage mechanics you don't normally notice, like subtle looks and signals between band members and people on the crew. The place has two bars located kitty-corner, lots of bathrooms, and some of the best staff I've seen in ages.

The opening act was AC/DZ, an awesome Bon Scott era AC/DC tribute band. Then came Robb Flynn and pretty much the entire Bay Area thrash metal scene to do two hours of early Black Sabbath. This was all Ozzy era stuff; heavy, sludgy, and loud. The only glitch came when the bass player's pedals all went dead for some reason. Other than that, an incredible show.

There was one amazing moment. As I said, we were sitting right at the edge of the stage. At one point, I noticed there was a guy standing next to me playing bass. I looked at about half the performers who weren't on stage at the moment were standing around us watching the show and playing along. Another nice thing was when somebody passed a joint to the vocalist on stage, you took a toke and then held it so all the players could have a hit. In the middle of a song. That kind of show.

The few good photos I took are here.

Rob Flynn
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  • What I thought was a mild cold/allergies blossomed into a full-fledged case of the Mongolian Death Yuk.

  • Had to miss two days of work simply because not only did I not feel safe driving to and from work, I didn't feel safe walking to the truck.

  • Up and down fever, the usual gastro problems, and just feeling like someone drained all the me out of my body.

  • Really pissed about missing work, as we're still short a person.

  • I'm feeling at least slightly more human today, and have managed to do laundry and the dishes.

  • Tomorrow, I may venture forth to do recycling, renew Darby, and get my head mowed.

  • On the bright side, finally read Deadline (did that Sunday at work. It was so dead I got almost the entire novel read there.)

  • But the best news of the week? Iron Maiden, August 3rd, Shoreline Amphitheater. I am so getting tickets for this.

  • It's 74 degrees. WTF happened to winter?

  • Giants are all reporting in Scottsdale now. Baseball is back!

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  • Wow. Things are getting really busy for my poor broken butt.

  • This weekend is the annual birthday taco feast at [ profile] baka49er's place. Ann and I both have places to be on our actual birthday, so we're doing it a week early.

  • Yay tacos and time with the nieces of awesome!

  • Next week I have a pulmonary function test. Dr. Butcher and I thought it would be a good idea to get a new baseline since the last test was done before we knew there were blood clots in my lungs.

  • Not very social, but it gets me out of the house.

  • Then comes WesterCon 64. We're po'folks for this event, so feel free to buy me a beer.

  • Without so much as time to draw a breath, we're going to see Tales of the City at the ACT. Kiri won the tickets from KFOG

  • So, after all that we get to rest right? Ha.

  • We have a fannish event on Saturday the 9th.

  • Then the Mayhem Festival on Sunday. \m/

  • I won the tickets to that one.

  • Luckily after that we get two stress free weeks to prepare for an event that promises to be louder than Mayhem Fest..

  • The Niece of Last Resort's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!

  • She's turning 4! Her big sister is turning 6!

  • How did this happen????

  • After that, we're cool until mid-August when we go to Reno for Worldcon.

  • There is very good news on the medical/financial front.

  • My application for Social Security was approved. So money is a bit less of a problem.

  • Not cured, but not quite at the "selling organs" state anymore.

  • The Giants are 41-34, half a game out of first in the NL West, and tonight face the Cleveland Indians.

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  • Spent last night off the tube, and decided to see how far I could go today. So far, I'm doing fine, with blood O2 levels remaining at or above 95%. My last check came after a burst of activity. I took care of some garbage (mostly empty soft drink/beer cartoons), put cans in the refrigerator, a little general tidying. After that, my pulse was up around 130, but my oxygen levels were holding!

  • Still keeping the hose close at hand, just in case. So long as I remain above 90%, I'm good.

  • Progress, you gotta love it.

  • I was just thinking how my spring and summer schedule went from 0 to 60 in no time. At the beginning of the year, we were committed to Renovation, and that was it. Given my health, that was even very iffy.

  • Now, in very short order, we got the free rooms in Reno for our anniversary, I'm back as a panelist at Baycon (no word if I'm on every panel again this year.. I told them to use me creatively), we've acquired Westercon memberships, we're going to the Mayhem Festival, and then Worldcon.

  • Best part? Almost all of those are at no or reduced cost to us. We still need to fit in a trip to see the Giants.. I need to see that banner with my own eyes.

  • It's funny.. after Mayhem, [ profile] kshandra will have massive Metal cred. She'll have seen Judas Priest, Testament, Queenryche, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Metallica, The Sword, Machine Head, Trivium, MegaDeth, In Flames, Godsmack, Dsiturbed, Lamb of God.. I'm probably forgetting one or two.

  • Need to finish up The Church stuff, so I can put it together before Baycon. I'd like to be able to at least have a link to download a .PDF of my work.

  • Speaking of which, anyone willing to contribute? I need clerical orders for the churches, and at least a little art.

  • Like my first three professional works, this will be credit-only.

  • Contact me if you'd like to help out.

  • Giants-D'backs tonight. Squish the Snakes!

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Message on my Twitter account this morning from Live Nation. I've won two General Admission tickets to the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

The main stage line up alone is incredible.. Disturbed, Megadeth, Godsmack, Machine Head, Trivium, Testament, and In Flames.

Show is Sunday, July 10th.

Let there be METAL!!!!
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Just entered a contest to see Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. The Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two (2) to Warsaw, Poland for the Big Four Sonisphere Concert. Includes airfare to and from Bemowo Airport, 3 night hotel accommodations, 2 tickets to the Sonisphere festival, 2 guest passes to get backstage, $500 USD Mad Money, transportation: airport to hotel, hotel to venue, venue to hotel, hotel to airport.

I have of course, almost no chance of winning, but damn this would be fun. And taking Kirsten to Poland for her 40th would beat flowers.
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Happy New Year, y'all!

You want to watch this. The on-air commentary about the float is from Ken Kesey and Fr. Guido Sarducci. For those of you not familiar with the Dead and New Year's Eve, Father Time is played by Bill Graham, and was the one night a year he stopped being a Type A promoter and enjoyed himself. Known to Deadheads as "Uncle Bobo," it was an accepted fact that Graham never stopped working soon enough for the midnight countdown to go off on time. Who cared? It's not midnight until Uncle Bobo says it is!
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Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter from 2003

And from Saturday night's Metallica show.. One. Roast your chestnuts over this open fire!

So, is anyone going to be reading LJ Christmas Day? If not, I'll hold the goodies I found until next Sunday.
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gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Music - Metallica)
Home from Metallica. Holy crap, this show was better than last year's! The perils of seeing two shows on the same tour were apparent (numerous similarities in the set list and stage patter) but the band was far more energetic than they were last December. Everything just snapped and jumped off the stage. Standouts included Ride the Lightning and Fight Fire With Fire and an encore of Helpless-Motorbreath-Seek and Destroy that left us gasping for air.

Seeing Lars and Robert play in Santa hats at the end was.. interesting.

The opener was Volbeat, a Danish rock band formed in Copenhagen in 2001. They play a fusion of early rock 'n' roll, heavy metal and rockabilly. Real fun to listen to, and they even got a small mosh pit going. Bringing them on the tour was Lars' idea (he's a Dane himself. Thanks, Lars, for the new find! I may feature them in the coming weeks.

The second opener was Machine Head, and I am really wondering why I don't like this band more. Their show tonight was pretty freaking excellent, capped (for me anyway) by an excellent cover of Pantera's Fucking Hostile and Halo. I like their stuff, and they're fun to watch, but something just doesn't make the final connection to make me a fan. Oh, well. Maybe it will work for you. Enjoy Machine Head performing Halo at 2008's Rock in Rio.

Expect some Crappy Cell Phone Pictures tomorrow.
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Happy New Year, y'all!

2008 was, for the most part a good one for me. I finally got my teeth, my work situation was stable and enjoyable (for the most part) and while I wasn't as social as I would have liked to be, I did make several concerts (Duran Duran, Bill Kirchen, Metal Masters, and Metallica) and made it to more baseball games than I have in years. One big point, I wasn't hospitalized once! Woo!

On the negative side, I did let my ASPD overwhelm me at times. I also completely failed at writing.

But looking ahead. The big thing looming on the horizon is the 2009 Worldcon. We have plane tickets and memberships, just need to get the passports and housing form. I already have the time off blocked out. Also, getting my teeth remade (especially the lower plate) so I can eat with them in. It's been almost a year since I was able to eat in a restaurant. I may take another look at some online college courses. I've decided that given my precarious health, going for the Class A license wouldn't be wise.

My writing. I realize the problem is I'm just not in the habit of doing it, so, starting today, I'm going to write at least 500 words daily. That's my goal, it may be more, but I want to do at least 500 daily. A lot of it will just be character studies and exercises in scene writing, with some attempts at short fiction, but I just need to get into the habit of doing it. Much of this will be posted to the journal with the "writing" and "500 words" tags. Feedback is heartily desired.

I'm also determined to change the way we live here at Offhand Manor. Frankly, we're slobs. I'm sick of it, and the fact that both [ profile] kshandra and I are packrats does not help anything. Starting today I am beginning a cleaning sweep, starting with the living room. Things will be thrown away, sold on eBay, or given away in job lots. We have boxes that have followed us around for three moves unopened. We may have a chance to vastly improve our living situation and I want to streamline our junk. Along with this comes a scrubbing of the apartment top to bottom, and several visits to IKEA. We're adults, damnit, it should look like adults live here, and I want Regan to be able to come over and go berserk over my penguin collection.

All this means that I'm not planning as many trips up to see the Giants. But...

Attention! Even if you do not care about anything else in my post read this!

On Saturday July 4th the Giants play the Houston Astros. First pitch is 1305. I want to go to a baseball game with a mob of friends for my birthday! I want my name on the scoreboard, I want to get silly with a bunch of people, and presents don't matter, all that matters is we go and have a blast. We need 25 people, surely there are enough people that Kiri and I know in the Bay Area who would like to go to a ball game!

There, pleading done.

2008 was fun, for the most part, 2009? Here's hoping it's great for everyone!
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That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Broken, Beat & Scarred
Sad But True
The Unforgiven
All Nightmare Long
The Day That Never Comes
Master Of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
Seek And Destroy
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Saw Metallica last night. OMG. )
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  • The Dodgers were eliminated from the post season last night. I'm hoping for the Rays to advance, because a Philadelphia/Tampa World Series would cause heart attacks at the network that paid millions for the rights.

  • We now have color-coded t-shirts at work. Grey for drivers, black for order pullers, red for receiving, and if I saw correctly, orange for the guys working will call. The drivers still wear our uniforms, but it's nice to know we can take the uniform blouse off in hot weather and still be flying the colors.

  • I traded one of my t-shirts for a black one.

  • What drives me crazier than anything else at work? Being there for over an hour and still not knowing what I'm loading, where it is going, or when they expect it.

  • Driving back to the warehouse today I came across an interesting tableau. On Hwy 84 between Livermore and Fremont, I saw a police car pulled off to the side of the road behind a car with its blinkers on. I thought it was another speeder being caught, or a breakdown. Until I got closer and saw the officer behind his door aiming a M-16A2 at the driver of the other car, who was doing an admirable job of keeping his hands clearly visible.

  • What cost John McCain the debate last night? His body language. Watching him, he came off as a smug, arrogant ass. Obama came across as a determined policy wonk.

  • A new computer has been put off. We need to get passports and Worldcon memberships first.

  • After dealing with a craving all day, I stopped at Round Table and picked up an order of Parmesan Twists. With Ranch and pizza dippings sauce. I was salivating so hard from the smell in Darby that my dentures practically slid out when I went to remove them. Damn, those things rock my world.

  • It is 65 days, 3 hours, and 33 minutes until the Metallica concert.

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San Francisco 49ers: 33
Seattle Seahawks: 30 (OT)

We looked really bad in the first half, but came on strong in the second.

San Francisco Giants: 8
San Diego Padres: 6 (10 innings)

The Pods used nine pitchers in this game.

One thing we have accomplished is ordering tickets for Metallica at Oracle Arena in December.
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Not really. But what I do have is videos from all four bands on the tour, three of which were shot at the August 31st show at Shoreline!

Testament - More Than Meets The Eye (Houston, Tx, 8/23/08) Not the best song from their set. I was hoping to find a take on Heathens Ride.
Motörhead - Overkill (Mountain View, Ca, 8/31/08) Complete with sex toys and dancers!
Heaven & Hell - Heaven & Hell (Mountain View, Ca, 8/31/08) A fragment, but very nice.
Judas Priest - Prophecy/Metal Gods (Mountain View, Ca, 8/31/08) This was shot from seats quite close to mine.

Please have your tickets out and all bags open for inspection! )

Next week, I merge my love of Heavy Metal with my geekish obsession with Traveller!

Now, does anyone remember where we parked?
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As expected, not many were good.
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Just got home from one of the better shows I've seen in ages. It was the last show of the tour, so we got some on stage pranks (I'd love to know why Testament was gifted with a horse ridden by a blue-haired young lady - there's a story there) and all the bands seemed determined to go out with a bang.

We started with Testament, Bay Area Thrash Metal pioneers, who, after reforming a couple of years back, have a new album out (I bought it at the show.) Very tight set, and the presence of close to 100 members of the Henchmen MC was explained by one of the tracks off the new album called Henchmen Ride. Very nice, and if I can find a good video I'll post it to Heavy Metal Sunday.

Between sets, I was amazed by the rant behind me. A fellow was going off on what metal fans weren't supposed to be. I swear, I wish I had a recorder going, since this was rage poetry of an awesome level. We started talking, and it came up that we were all veterans, so I made a few friends in the stands.

After a really fast set change, Lemmy came on stage and announced "We're Motörhead. We play rock and roll." They proceeded to do so for a good 45 minutes. Honestly, most of Lemmy's stuff tends to blur after a while, but he had energy and kept giving us good licks, so no complaints. The expected Ace of Spades and Overkill ending was made more interesting by roadies draping inflatable sex toys (one plastic woman, three plastic sheep) over the Marshall stacks as three very nubile dancers came on stage. It was obvious that nobody in the band had a clue this was going to happen.

During Motörhead's set, I picked the perfect time to hit the restroom. Just as the drum solo began. Made it back just as the solo ended. Timing is everything.

Another very quick set change (these roadies had it down to an art) and Black Sabbath hit the stage. Yes, I know "Heaven & Hell". Feh. To me, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice are Black Sabbath. Started off with The Mob Rules, Children of the Sea, I, and Under the Southern Cross. Excellent set, crowned by one of the better performances of Heaven & Hell I've seen (with a lot of audience participation, we traded verses with Dio for the first half of the song) and Neon Knights as the encore.

Then came the Priest. They opened with a track off Nostradamus, and from there straight into Metal Gods. Old favorites and rarities were present, and even though the band sounded a little off, they put on the usual amazing show. Priest gave me one jaw dropping moment.. after Halford rode out onto the stage on his Harley, they began the all-too-familiar beats for Living After Midnight. Rob sat on the bike, wearing the old leather cap, and said (roughly) "If you think you know what this song is, you're wrong." And the band slides in The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown). I screamed. Like a squealing fan girl. They finished off with Painkiller and played You've Got Another Thing Coming as the encore.

Along with the new CD, I picked up a British Steel t-shirt. This one has "Keep The Faith" in lettering reminiscent of the Judas Priest logo on the back. Note sure if any of my photos turned out, I'll check in the morning.

Now, off to bed.
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The Man Burned last night, meaing it's time for the second half of our special Banging Man Festival.

While searching around for good videos, I was amused to find that Queensrÿche had actually written a song about the event! The lyrics are pretty short, so here they are:

Miles of desert fly, the quiet of dawn.
I ride the winds of morning to see the man that’s burning.

Burning man

Miles of desert fly, the quiet of dawn.
I ride the winds of morning to see the man that’s burning.

In my head I hear the song a million voices strong.
I feel the heart of conscious returning, that’s why the man is burning.

Burning man

But Burning Man is more than the Man getting torched. Black Rock City is, for one week, the fourth largest city in Nevada, and it is a city on fire.. with rock and roll.

Tonight? Testament, Motörhead, Heaven & Hell, and JUDAS PRIEST!!!


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