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21 Jul 2017 09:51
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... the full image that's only partially visible on the cover for Princess Holy Aura on my site today
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I just got to a series of posts from 2014 Wiscon harassment meltdown. Ah, memory lane.

For your viewing pleasure

21 Jul 2017 00:15
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I see it's been three weeks since I posted anything here. July has been a slow month for astronomy, due to persistent clouds over the Canary Islands and Chile, but I do have a few gems to share with y'all.

Behind the velvet curtain... )


20 Jul 2017 23:37
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Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.

Alice Grove is finished. I'm going to take some time to just do QC for a while and then start another side project sometime in the fall. Patreon subscribers will get sneak peeks, advance previews, and other stuff as it develops. Thank you for reading my comics.

LGBT book

20 Jul 2017 20:09
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I don't want to spoil anything, but for anyone looking for books with LGBT characters, one of the two primary protagonists of "Down Among The Sticks And Bones" by Seanan McGuire is a lesbian by chapter 9.

On a somewhat related note, the first four or five chapters of that book are an absolutely amazing and frankly horrifying depiction of how to royally mess up children. Without being malicious, the parents of Jacqueline and Jillian are worse than the Dursleys from Harry Potter!
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The several times delayed apartment inspection is finally done.

This is always a stressful time for me because of my PTSD and Anxiety disorder. Partially it's the distinct feeling of being judged. And partly its the fact that they *could* start eviction proceedings if they don't like what they find.

Never mind that that is actually unlikely, and that I'd have at least one chance (if not more) to correct things. The fact that it is *possible* is enough to be triggery.

That's a fact that our previous manager didn't understand. she actually told me there was no reason to be stressed. Sorry, but that's like telling someone with depression to "cheer up". Or someone with a food allergy to justy get over it.

But the current manager and the maintenance guy came in (and she actually *asked* "May I come in?") they checked some stuff and made notes. But she was pleasant. The only thing close top a negative comment was that I had a lot of stuff. But it wasn't said in a judgmental way, and she noted that I had paths, so it was ok.

She even apologized that I had to move the stuff in front of the closet that has the water heater (it's in a dead end in the hall, so I store stuff like Christmas and Halloween things in it, and store some other stuff in front of the door).

Least stressful inspection *ever*.

I'm still gonna veg out for a while because the anticipation took a lot out of me.

And, of course, we still likely have the inspection by HUD this fall. That's a "random" apartment thing. I'm gonna try writing up something to give to the manager explaining how and why inspections are stressful. And one suggestion in it, will be that for the random inspections, it'd really help some of us if they could let us know that we *aren't* going to be inspected as soon as possible. Otherwise we are stressed out until the time limit runs out.
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Posted by Namiko Uno

Shanghai’s fourth annual Regional Burn, affectionately called Dragon Burn, took place from June 27-30, 2017 in the scenic forests of Anji, China. The event drew over 400 participants and included many new Theme Camps, a dual purpose Mutant Vehicle and mobile DJ stage, and the first ever temple, known as The Fire Lotus Temple.

Here’s a gallery of images from this year’s Burn; all photo credit to Tutu 胡堃.  Enjoy!



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Previous models set first occupation significantly later. Much earlier and the first humans on the path to Australia would have left footprints in the still-cooling ashes of the Toba eruption.
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I was looking at Instant Attitudes because I wanted to point it out to a few people. And I came across this shirt...

I don't want to adult today

I don't want to Adult today.
I don't even want to Human.
Today I want to Cat.
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Posted by Tony "Coyote" Perez-Banuet

This year will be the 20th Black Rock City that I have etched into the desert, but it will be the 22nd Golden Spike that I will set. That’s because there was a county line border dispute in 1998 — the first year of the Golden Spike Ceremony — and I ended up setting it three times.

Sheriff Skinner of Pershing County didn’t much like Burning Man. In fact, he hated it. So much so, that he had flexed the powers of his office in the off-season to have the event banned from his county. And now Will Roger and I were riding around the south end of the playa in his blue Chevy pick up truck with a glitchy GPS trying to find the Pershing/Washoe county line.

“You sure the county line is this far south,” I asked Will. “We’re getting pretty close to Gerlach.”

“Yep, pretty sure. But the bad news is that this is where all the mud is.”

I had flown over the Black Rock Desert earlier that year and had seen the dark water stain that settled at the bottom funnel of the playa like the bilge of a boat — pretty much right where the county line sat.

“Well, this is it,” said Will, stopping the truck as we arrived at the GPS waypoint. “This is where the Man is supposed to be.”

R.I.P Jordin Kare

20 Jul 2017 09:58
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Jordin Kare died yesterday, from complications of aortic valve replacement surgery. I am still somewhat in shock. He was younger than Colleen.

There is not much to be grateful for on this Thursday, but I am profoundly grateful for Jordin's music, which has been part of my life's soundtrack since at least the early 1980s. He was one of the founders of Off Centaur Publications, publishers of the Westerfilk songbooks and many fine filk tapes. (Jordin did the typesetting for Westerfilk I using troff, which led to a number of typos involving single quotes, which troff treats specially if they're the first character in a line.)

Last night Naomi and I sang a few of his songs -- "Fire In the Sky", "The Designer" and "The Engineer", "Waverider", and all I could remember of "Kantrowitz 1972". It wasn't until this morning that I found the lyrics for that and "Sail for Amber", Colleen's favorite.

I just ...

(Jordin Kare: Fire In The Sky (1991) | LyricWikia)

Today's On My Shelves...

20 Jul 2017 07:24
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... reviews Dragonball Super, the (to me) very unexpected direct sequel to Dragonball/DBZ!


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