3 Jul 2011

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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] benkenobigal while she was getting the popcorn.

I'd do the Syufy clap, but Kiri would kill me. )
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Yup, almost done.

Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic metal band from Kitee. Formed in 1996 by songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and former vocalist Tarja Turunen, Nightwish's current line-up has five members, although Tarja has been replaced by Anette Olzon and the original bassist, Sami Vänskä, has been replaced by Marco Hietala, who also took over the male vocalist part; previously male vocal-parts were done by Tuomas or guest singers.

Enjoy the title track from 2000's EP Over the Hills and Far Away )

Next week will be the final Heavy Metal Sunday.. with Metallica, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden.


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