30 Oct 2009

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One of the net-places I hang out in is Yahoo! Answers. Mostly in the religion, military, and political areas. The place is mostly inhabited by "please do my homework" types, but some questions are actually interesting. But, being Yahoo!, the software is not the most stable.

It always seems to happen when I've spent time researching an answer and pulling several sources. Today, the question was about the shot fired at Lou Dobbs' house. I did the research to show that he lives in a rural area where it is currently deer season, and pointed out that the round failed to penetrate the house' aluminum siding. This indicates a round that was fired from quite a distance, possibly as far as two miles away.

Write this all up, and hit reply.

And get an error message.

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Yeah, the mayor's been a bit out of sorts. So things are a bit.. off

Current needs in bold.

Increase population: http://crashlanding.myminicity.com

Increase industry: http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/ind

Improve the transport network: http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/tra

Increase security: http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/sec

Improve environment: http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/env

Increase business: http://crashlanding.myminicity.com/com


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