26 Oct 2009

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gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Civ 4)
Much as a I love this game (and again thank Halford I got it before I got H1N1) there are a few things, mostly in combat, that I'd like to see changed or improved.

  • There should be a surrender/rout mechanism. I often find myself set up for combats where my chance of victory is 95% or better due to a technological edge (Tank vs. Crossbowmen, for example) and the unit still fights. I'd prefer if there was a mechanism in the AI for units to either run or surrender. Perhaps the chance goes down for more experienced units. I understand that in Beyond The Sword nations can surrender.

  • Attack helicopters should be generated with an attack bonus against armor. That was the reason they were designed in the first place.

  • I'd love to see plagues in the game. Cities with bad health can start losing population and spread to the other cities in their nation and their trade route partners. This would make things like Aqueducts and Grocers (along with other health-improving builds) a far higher priority.


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