13 Sep 2009

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Acrassicauda is an Iraqi thrash metal band formed in 2000/2001. Born out of a basement rehearsal space in Baghdad, Acrassicauda (from A. crassicauda) is one of Iraq's small circle of heavy metal bands.

Consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Faisal Talal, guitarist Tony Aziz, bassist Firas Al-Lateef and drummer Marwan Reyad, the band claims to have been the first Iraqi heavy metal band in existence. However, other sources claims that there were/are other heavy metal bands from Iraq, such as Amargi , Dog Faced Corpse, Brutal Impact and Semi Death (currently living in Jordan Jordan) which either preceded or were formed at the same time as Acrassicauda.

The band members fled to Syria because of the violence in Baghdad, and later fled to Istanbul, Turkey and ultimately to the United States. They were resettled in New Jersey by the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian relief and refugee resettlement agency, and now reside in New York.

The sound is interesting, a mix of traditional Iraqi melodies with thrash metal woven into it. Today's track, Massacre is off their self-titled 2004 demo. There should be a full album out later this year or in early 2010.

Bit of a documentary on the band here, and they get to meet James Hetfield here. You want to watch this one, just for the looks on their faces.
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San Francisco 49ers: 20
Arizona Cardinals: 16

The Niners open the season by handing the reigning NFC champs a loss. We didn't look spectacular, but we played good smash-mouth football.

San Francisco Giants: 7
Los Angeles Dodgers: 2

Coupled with a Rockies loss, we're still clinging to hope when it comes to the postseason.


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