21 Aug 2009

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James Earl Jones & Kris Kristofferson

Give up? )
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Arriving home at last after a astoundingly crazy day at work (you can gage how bad the day is by how often I call [livejournal.com profile] kshandra to bitch. Today, my Bluetooth was just asking me if I wanted to keep the line open just in case) I find no parking in front of the place. Knowing Kiri is out, I think that I'll just park Darby in the garage.

Opening the door reveals an amazing number of spider webs, thick enough to pick up a plastic cup that happened to be on the ground. I move the truck in, and walking out notice a particularly dense mass of webbing. What really caught my eye was that most of the corpses entombed were spiders.

Intriged, I looked closer. My mistake.

Inside that web was the biggest, fattest, Black Widow I have ever seen in my life! Seriously, this spider's abdomen was nearly spherical and about 8mm across. I am no fan of spiders, and Latrodectus hesperus in particular freak me out. Great huge examples of the same? I start feeling the need for Claymore mines and artillery support.

Lacking the phone number for the SJPD's artillery unit, I did the next best thing. I went upstairs to get our ant and roach spray, and went off on the spider. During my chemical warfare attack, I noticed a smaller, brownish spider descending from the webbing. A little research shows this was probably a male.

They're breeding.

After doing my best to make our garage door an EPA Superfund site, I called Kiri and asked her to pick up two things on her way home.

  1. Spider-specific spray

  2. Lottery tickets

We need to money to move to a less-spider friendly place.
gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Baseball - Giants)
With two on and no outs, Aaron Rowand just smacked what looked like a lazy fly ball to center-right. Duane Kuiper began calling it as a routine flyout... then the ball sails over the fence.

Mike Krukow is still giving him shit for the call.

Somehow, I don't think KCBS is going to replay that one tomorrow.
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NY Yankees: 20
Boston Red Sox: 11



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