15 Aug 2009

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Unless I'm badly mistaken, we're smelling the smoke from the Lockheed Fire.

Click on "Fire" for the map. We're just below and to the left of the Highway 85 marker. There's a mountain range between us and the fire. So yeah, impressive and scary.
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That would actually be a fun hoax bid.

Anyway... Click something to presupport!

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Haven't been to see the Niners in years. Still love them, they're my team, but after last night it may be a while before I go again (and a long time before I'll go with anything but a free ticket and parking.)

My mom, [livejournal.com profile] baka49er, was carrying a denim purse/backpack. Security stopped her at the gate and told her she couldn't bring it in because it was a backpack. Meanwhile, other women were coming with purses larger than mom's little bag. When she asked about that, she was told that "those are purses, they can go in." The lack of logic is staggering. I would also add that at AT&T Park they simply search bags and backpacks. Open it up, step up to the table, the security person pokes around looking for weapons, bottles, drugs or professional cameras, and in you go. Evidently that is beyond the Candlestick staff.

Secondly, I had forgotten how chaotic the place is. This was a preseason game, remember, about 2/3rds full, and you couldn't get close to the concessions booths. Constant mobs. Bathrooms were also a nightmare due to the number of people who seem to equate "football game" with "get as freaking drunk as quickly as possible, then keep drinking." I stopped to use the latrine on the way out. While the infamous urinal troughs seem to have been replaced, it was also clear that many people decided that pissing in the sinks, on the floors, and all over a stack of toilet paper was acceptable.

Finally, and this links into the point above about drunkenness, I have never seen such terrible behavior at a sporting event as I witnessed last night. Screaming obscenities. Pushing older people and kids out of the way. Unsupervised kids racing around causing havoc. By the time we left midway through the 4th Quarter (we were both freezing and tired of the crowd) I was ashamed to be a Forty-Niner Faithful. Seriously, had this game been policed by AT&T Park security, half our section would have been thrown out by the half.

The game was wonderful, and at halftime four Pop Warner teams played half-field games. I can only imagine how awed they were by the chance, and getting cheered by a real NFL crowd in a real NFL stadium. Of course, the entire stadium cheered when the Redwood City 49ers took the field.

But yeah, a rather bad experience wrapped around a good game. I'm just we got on the road before the drunks poured themselves back into their cars.


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