20 Jul 2009

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About an hour ago as we were settling into out evening routine there was an loud series of crashes right outside.

Earth-shattering Kaboom 2

The black SUV was speeding and weaving in and out of lanes. He tried to use the left turn lane as a passing lane, but there were two cars waiting to make the turn. At high speed, he jerked back into the traffic lane, nailing the green car. The whole mess slid into the Red SUV. There was another car in the turn lane, a silver SUV that was hit and suffered minor damage.

As I watched, the driver of the black SUV was led away by a SJPD officer, who listened to his rather animated story with a stone face (translating the gestures: "I was following all the rules, officer, when this green car rams me and the red SUV just slams on the brakes!") Officer then administers a breathalyser. 90 seconds later, the driver has new jewelery and is meeting a new friend named Miranda. This would all be a source of much amusement and merriment for me if it wasn't for the passengers from the two victim vehicles who were pulled out in C-spine collars and on backboards. Both required transport to hospitals.

Folks, the driver of the black SUV was not stumbling. He appeared to be capable of following instructions, speaking clearly, and reacting to the world in an appropriate way. I doubt he blew any worse than a 0.09 BAC. But today, his life ended. Never mind the fines, suspended license, skyrocketing insurance rate, and all the other typical DUI problems. He's probably going to get sued by the injured parties. He could well lose his job. And he has to live with this for the rest of his life. This all gets worse if he has a prior DUI.

The moral of the story is don't drink and drive! I don't care if you've had one glass of wine, booze slows your reaction time, inhibits normal actions, and puts you in a place where the last thing you need to do is be aiming a guided missile along the roads.


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