19 Jul 2009

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Dolores Umbridge Totally Looks Like Dianne Feinstein
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Trivium is an American Metal band hailing from Orlando, Florida. Formed in 1999, they have released four studio albums to date. They can best be described as having a classic metal sound, with occasional forays into Thrash and Metalcore.

This morning, we present Trivium at the 2006 Rock Am Ring Festival performing Rain.

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I've just taken part in a thread spread across several groups. It started as a burst on Moon Hoaxers screaming their usual screams and, as predicted, refusing to accept the LRO photos of Apollo landing sites. But it blossomed from there into a general bad science wank fest.

It culminated in a guy claiming that Andromeda is currently colliding with the Milky Way, and we're all DOOMED. Now, current models do show that we're on a collision course with our neighboring galaxy, but M-31 is still 2.5 million light-years away and the best estimate for a run-in is 2.5-3 billion years from now. Multiple posters tried to explain this to the moron, using good sources and cites, and he kept refusing to believe it.

He kept confusing solar system with galaxy. At several points he claimed that the "elites" would be fleeing Earth to avoid the collision. (Six days to Zyra! Six days to Zyra!) He was also unable to understand that the Voyager and Pioneer probes were coasting after their launches.

A fun break from bashing Moon Hoaxers over the head with Moon Base Clavius


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