21 Jun 2009

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Black Label Society began as a side-project by then guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne Zakk Wylde. After a couple of one-shot band and solo projects, he and drummer Phil Ondich recorded what became Black Label Society's debut album Sonic Brew. It was decided, rather than the album being another solo album for Wylde, that they would form a long-lasting band.

And what a band it is! Black Label Society is pure, hardcore metal. Along with fronting BLS, Zakk is back to serving as Ozzy's lead guitarist, is working on a film, and doing production work for other acts. when does this guy sleep?

Bang your head to Black Label Society - Bleed For Me

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Today I took Niece Prime, [livejournal.com profile] madelineusher, to see the second baseball game of her life. Considering the last game was eleven years ago, and her branch of the family is not exactly sports orientated, she really had little clue about the game. But I loaned her a t-shirt and cap, and off we went.

I showed her around the park, showing off the interesting stuff and explaining baseball history and lore. We settled in for the game, and I continued to explain situations and showed her how to watch a game. The results?

She was shouting louder than me. When Andruw Jones tied the game with a two run shot in the seventh she was the first in our section to insist that ball was clearly foul. This from a young woman who probably thought a "foul line" meant highly organized chickens just two hours earlier.

The best part came during a tense moment, with the Giants threatening to score with two outs. She stated that she really wanted some ice cream, but didn't want to leave the stands to go get it. "Uncle Doug, could you go get me some ice cream?" To my credit, I didn't throttle her. (She eventually got the ice cream from one of the oddly rare vendors.)

Great day at the park, made better by an excellent game on both sides.

San Francisco Giants: 3
Texas Rangers: 2

Read the story.

I tried to keep score, but a play in the third defied my ability to write letters in a tiny box. In the third inning, Texas shortstop Andrus retired Sandoval at second on Travis Ishikawa's grounder but his wild relay throw to first trying for the double play wound up in the Giants' dugout and allowed Winn to score. How the hell do you score that?


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