15 Jun 2009

gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Death)
I ran over a pigeon today.

This is somewhat amazing, since I was doing 5mph at the time, and pigeons can fucking well fly away when threatened! But today was my day to Evolution's Little Helper I guess.

I was pulling into a vendor in Modesto. To get to the Will-Call door, you need to drive down a long alleyway that is posted as 5mph. This is due to the large number of forklifts zipping in and out of shop doors along the entrance way. As I drove in I noticed a pigeon, big fat sucker, pecking at crumbs. Normally I work to avoid hitting animals. Just last week I stopped in the middle of the road to let a Mama Duck and her four babies cross the road. (I then immediately called Kirsten and babbled about it like a four year old.) But I had no room to maneuver here, and as I pointed out earlier, pigeons are gifted with flight. So I rolled on, like the Juggernaut of the construction industry. I made one of my habitual glances in the mirror and noticed something in the alley, but thought that it couldn't be...

Coming out after having been loaded, I saw that in fact I had encountered a pigeon dumb enough to stand there as my truck crawls forward and squishes it. Seriously, this bird could have stepped out of the way of the tires! Best part? From the pattern of damage I noticed, it appeared that the bird had been missed by my front tire, but had then turned and faced my dualie rear tires before managing to almost thread the needle between them.

Had he been a skinner pigeon, he might have lived. There's a lesson here for any pigeons reading this. . .

A mountain is something you don't wanna fuck with
You don't wanna fuck with
Don't fuck around
Don't fuck around


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