16 May 2009

gridlore: Doug looking off camera with a grin (Baseball - Scream)
San Francisco Giants: 6
New York Mets: 9

When Randy Johnson gives up four straight hits to start the game, you know the day isn't going to that great. But we left early for a couple of reason. It was another oppressively hot day, and neither Kirsten nor I are really feeling our best. The upcoming week is going to be hectic enough, with BayCon next weekend, but this was the final straw. A rant follows.

People go to baseball games to watch baseball, talk about baseball, enjoy baseball, and basically wallow in baseball. I refuse to be late for games, mainly because I love the rituals of the national anthem and the first pitch. Today (after Kiri had retreated to the shade) four guys showed up in the 3rd inning, bitched about the score, and proceeded to operate an office from their benches. Seriously, they were on their cell phones, talking loudly about things having nothing to do with baseball, and visibly getting annoyed when the fans around them cheered!

Since getting arrested wasn't high on my list of things to do today, I decided to call this game a wash. But seriously, why spend the money to come to the game if you aren't going to pay attention to it? It's not like the park doesn't have plenty of places where you can sit, away from the crowd, and chat on your cell or whip out you laptop if you wish. Don't do it in front of me when I'm trying to watch the Giants! "Mother bear and cubs" is a good comparison.

Anyway, we took the opportunity to walk out of the park the long way, and I got a lot of good photos.

The train ride home was made amusing by one of the more clueless people I've ever seen on a train. First of all he had his earphones so loud that three people (me included) banging on the railings of the upper level couldn't get his attention. Once somebody got him out of the musical coma, and the conductor was able to ask for his ticket, he produced... a MUNI ticket. That was expired. MUNI and CalTrain are two different systems. Our hero said that "somebody" had told huim that the ticket was good on CalTrain. Nice try. To his credit, the conductor didn't call the cops to write him a $150 ticket, he just removed him from the train at the next stop and pointed him towards the ticket machines.

Bleah. Glad to have gotten out of the house, but the day could have been much better. On the bright side we did duck into Borders where I grabbed the Eisenhorn trilogy and Robert Sawyer's Flashforward.


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