9 May 2009

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We're beginning the long-delayed Spring Cleaning here at Offhand Manor. "Long delayed" as in we've been putting it off for several springs. The problem is we're both packrats and not too diligent about cleaning. So there are quite literal mountains of crap, some of which has been carried through several moves, waiting to be addressed.

This morning we took our recycling down and we're pleased to learn that they now accept e-waste. That will take care of the old computer monitor and TV. We've already filled a couple of bags with clothes for Goodwill, and will most likely be bringing several boxes of books for them as well. I'm going to go through my gaming materials and see what I don't want/need anymore and put that up on eBay. I'm not expecting to get rich, just get rid of it and bring in a little cash. We'll probably go through the CD/DVD collection and see what we want to take to Streetlight for store credit.

The idea is to reduce the amount of sheer crap that chokes our lives. I just looked in the bookshelf on my computer desk and the first thing I saw was the user guide for Norton SystemWorks 2004. I'm almost afraid to move it and see what other paleosoftware guides lurk back there.

Right now, I'm focusing on doing a ton of laundry. Getting everything clean, folded, and either put away or bagged for donation will do wonders for the bedroom mess.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] madelineusher.. want a complete set of Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition core rulebooks? (PHB, DMG, MM)
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Found my Tyr rune pendant and my dogtags. Both are being worn at the moment. After n loads of laundry (I lost count) I've decided that the current load is the last of the day.

Dishes done. Bedroom floor has been found. Garbage taken down. Giants not playing well.

We may fill Darby with stuff for Goodwill.
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Buy better weed.



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