3 May 2009

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Today, a metal-horn salute to the H1N1 virus. And an important health tip! We're being told to wash our hands for 20 seconds for maximum effectiveness in killing the virus. Suggestions have been made to time it by singing the "ABC" song. I suggest singing the chorus of The Four Horsemen. Really, it times out well and is frankly more fun.

But onward! Music for the Pandemic! Cannibal Corpse is a New York based death metal band that have been around for just over 20 years. Their music is extremely controversial, and based heavily on horror films and fiction. Their lyrics and graphic album covers have gotten them banned in Australia and Germany, and no less a luminary than Bob Dole accused the band of undermining the national character of the United States.

You can't buy publicity like that.

So, as we all hunker down with our hand sanitizers and Theraflu, please enjoy Cannibal Corpse performing Evisceration Plague

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  • 12:38 Last time we saw the Giants we complained about the heat. Today? Cold and wet. #

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PG&E Solar Day at AT&T Park turned out to be one of the gloomiest, darkest, days I can ever recall at that field that didn't result in a rain delay or suspension. Despite the looming clouds and chilly winds, we got a full nine innings in.. and then some.

San Francisco Giants: 1
Colorado Rockies: 0 (10 innings)

Good pitching was the story of this game. It wasn't until Steve Holm walked in the 10th that either team managed to put together any real offense. Holm got moved to second by a sacrifice bunt by Randy Winn, and was brought home on a Rich Aurilia single.

Great day at the ballpark. Kirsten tried the Cha-Cha Bowl and declared it good. Take Me Out To The Ballgame was sung by an adorable 3 year old girl who knew all the words. As usual, the bleachers were filled with baseball geeks and drunks, sometimes in the same seat!

Kirsten liked her anniversary present. It has been agreed that I'm getting a road jersey for my birthday.
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On June 5th, Kirsten and I shall be attending the opera. Sort of.

San Francisco Opera and AT&T Park have come together to do a simulcast of Tosca. We'll be there, soaking in culture and garlic fries at the same time.


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