23 Mar 2009

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  • Today, I was the last driver to leave, about three hours after everyone else.

  • I still clocked out an hour early. Yeah, very slow day.

  • The only reason I was out that long was having to make two trips to the Vendor in the Corn. The first came after I had finished my deliveries at about 0830 in Livermore. I picked up my material, and started heading back towards San Jose to do two final stops when I get called and told to go back to the vendor.

  • It's things like this that make me want them to take the Milpitas drops off my route. My day is just too chaotic and unpredictable.

  • Finished Matter. Enjoyable, well-written. Not to sure about the ending. The entire final portion of the book seemed a bit forced, almost as if Banks realized he din't have an ending, and just pulled one out of the air. Still, the voyage getting there was epic and worth the trip.

  • Next up: The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton.

  • We're heading down to L.A. next weekend for the memorial service, and in an effort to avoid being bored to death, I mapped out how we could do it on Hwy 99. A lot more places to stop and eat, piss, or just stretch our legs. Coming back, I had thought about coming up U.S. Route 395 to Tioga Pass and coming home through Yosemite, but the roads needed are closed due to the White Slushy Menace.

  • Think Of It As An Adventure.

  • Speaking of adventures, I think I put way too much hot sauce on my chimichangas.

  • BRB. ¡Necesito la cerveza, rápidamente!

  • Mucho mejor. Amo mi cerveza.

  • Didn't watch the BSG finale. Since I'm about three seasons behind, I figured it would make no sense.

  • Not really watching much television at all these days.

  • Well, time to finish my cerveza and grab a shower. 0425 comes far too early.

  • Dammit, I need the light up keyboard.


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