23 Jan 2009

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This was the week that started with me staying home because there was nothing to do on my route, remember? From that, you'd expect a slow week.

I laugh.

Tuesday: Multiple stops in Stockton coupled with stops that had to be covered along the 680 corridor led to overtime.

Wednesday: Because of a lack of work on the East Bay route, I was given one stop in Oakland, a place I've been to many times. Then I got another stop in Oakland. Then, after driving my full route, I called in and found that there were six freaking pick-ups on that route.. only one of which i had any clue about. After nearly leaving the truck at the Orinda BART station and making my cardboard sign, it was agreed that Victor, the East Bay driver, would cross the bay from where he was covering another route and do the stops in Hayward while I did the Oakland/San Leandro stops. A bit over nine hours.

Thursday: This starts out as a normal day, up 680 to Martinez, east to Stockton, then back down to Livermore where I was blocks from a vendor when I got a call. They needed me to go to Benicia and pick up some all-thread after doing my Livermore pick-ups. Getting back put me well over nine hours.

Today: Today, nothing weird happened, but I had mid-summer levels of work. Almost a full page of jobs, and only three sites had more than one order. So, more overtime.

Yeah, very happy it is the weekend.

But wait, there's more! Monday afternoon I go in for impressions for my relining. Today the dental office called and told me that they can get a one-day turnaround, so Tuesday I may be working without teeth! Adam was gone when I got in, and it is technically too late to ask for a day off. I'll admit I hadn't thought about how we were going to handle the lack of dentures during this process.


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