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Flashback to 2010. The Giants win the National League West on the last day of the season. Giants Nation goes nuts with the hope that this might finally be the year. The Giants came west in 1958, and in that time managed only three National League pennants, and no World Series wins. We were due.

Bay Area musician/producer Ashkon grabs a karaoke version of Journey's Don't Stop Believing and writes lyrics to celebrate that this might be the season.

It was. San Francisco Giants, your 2010 World Series Champions. Swing and miss, and that's it.

This still makes me very happy, as it takes me back to the excitement of that October, as we came closer and closer to the win. Fun note, of all the players mentioned, only Buster Posey is still with the Giants.

Black and Orange 'till I die.

Date: 2 Jul 2017 21:40 (UTC)
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I remember that! I think I had links to a serious fanvid at some point or other.

It would be nice, since they missed 2016, but that would definitely be a miracle. Then again, "Don't Stop Believing" seems to work very well when not overused...

[ETA: [personal profile] nextian posted a beautiful celebration back then, but has since either deleted or made access-only. Oh well.]
Edited (ETA) Date: 2 Jul 2017 22:16 (UTC)


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