Date: 10 May 2017 09:11 (UTC)
feyandstrange: can of "plot spackle" (plot spackle writing)
I used to know way too many teenage boys who wrote like that; I mentally tag this "Tom Clancy syndrome", although Clancy is a fairly readable form of Excuse Me I Must Now Spend Eight Paragraphs Talking About This Engineering Marvel. (Jules Verne. a few other early sf/f writers.) It's a little forgivable in sf and "techno-thrillers" because the "techno" part can be important, and in fact it can be difficult to shoehorn in all those details in a highly technical short piece without sounding like a textbook sometimes. But most of the time it's just that the author REALLY LIKES [details] and wants to go the hell on about how gee-whiz the explosions are. [Tom Clancy: SUBMARINES blah blah LASERS blah blah SATELLITES blah blah oh look, a girl, MISSILES blah blah DANGER blah blah THE NATION IS IN DANGER FROM TEH TECHNOLOGY!! WE MUST USE THE RAELLY GOOL TECHNOLOGY TO DEFEND US!! maybe the girl will like me if missiles LASERS BOOM YEAH.]

Take out your frustration on his manuscripts.

Also: fuck yeah Marines. That dude sounds amazing.
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